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Heart of Azeroth Guide for Battle for Azeroth

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The Heart of Azeroth is a new legendary amulet used in Battle for Azeroth to unlock Azerite powers. Check out our guide to find out how it works!

Welcome to our Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth guide! Within this page, you will find everything you need to know about your latest legendary item, such as how to obtain it, what benefits it brings as it levels up, and how it interacts with the new Azerite armor pieces.

Table of Contents 

Introduction [Return to Top]

Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth is a legendary neckpiece gifted to players from Magni Bronzebeard. While it is somewhat similar to the Artifact system of Legion, the major difference is that it is shared across all specializations for your class, as opposed to receiving multiple Artifacts as you did in Legion.

Empowering Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth [Return to Top]

You need to collect Artifact Power, also known as Azerite, from various sources to level up the necklace. Every time you level it up, its item level will increase by 2. As you reach higher ranks, the amount of Artifact Power required to advance each level increases. Ultimately, the goal of empowering your Heart of Azeroth is to reach specific levels that will unlock the powerful Azerite powers (Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth) that are found on Azerite armor.

Artifact Power Catchup  [Return to Top]

Starting the week of August 28th, players will need less Artifact Power per rank for  Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth.

Champions of Azeroth  [Return to Top]

Reaching various reputation stages with the faction will upgrade your Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth by 15 item levels. For more details check out our Champions of Azeroth reputation guide.

Azerite Armor [Return to Top]

Head, Shoulders & Chest slots are occupied by Azerite Armor in Battle for Azeroth. The system is very similar to the Netherlight Crucible, where you had to reach a specific Artifact level to unlock new powers. With Azerite Armor, you must level up your Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth to unlock Azerite powers. 

  • Rare items have three tiers of Azerite powers.
  • Epic items have four tiers of Azerite powers.

Azerite Armor is non-tradeable. You can Shift right-click an item to preview Azerite powers.


Here we have two pieces of epic quality Azerite Armor of item level 355. As you can see in the screenshots below, it has four tiers of Azerite powers that are not available immediately, because they require a specific Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth level to be unlocked.

The current level of your Heart of Azeroth is indicated by a number found in your amulet slot under the character tab. Our Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth is at level 16, so we still need to reach level 17 to unlock the first trait on the Azerite chest piece (Honorbound Artificer's RobesHonorbound Artificer's Robes) linked below.


Azerite Armor Examples [Return to Top]


Azerite Powers [Return to Top]

Azerite Armor has four tiers (rings) of traits. Each provides a specific type of benefit for you to choose from.

  • Tier 1 (outer ring) contains specialization-specific powers, PvP powers, Uldir powers, or zone-specific Azerite powers.
    • Note: You'll need to reset your Azerite powers if you pick a spec-based power and switch between specs.
  • Tier 2 (middle ring) generally benefit the performance of your role. They provide damage increases for DPS, increase damage mitigation for tanks, or increase healing output for healers.
  • Tier 3 (inner ring) is reserved for defensive and utility-oriented powers.
  • Tier 4 (fourth ring) always contains the Azerite EmpoweredAzerite Empowered power that increases the item level of that item by 5.


(Image courtesy of Treckie)

How to Reset Azerite Powers [Return to Top]

Azerite powers can be reset by talking to Azerite Reforger Nudara the Shaper in Zuldazar Harbor or Boralus. Simply, drag and drop a piece of Azerite Armor into the slot that appears on screen to reset your Azerite powers. The item can be equipped while reforging and Azerite Armor slots (Head, Shoulders, Chest) do not have individual reforging costs, so if you decide to reforge a Helm twice and Chest Armor five times, the subsequent reset will cost 640 Gold.


It does not matter which piece of Azerite Armor you want to reset, the cost quickly ramps up to prevent players from switching between powers for specific encounters within raids. If you accidentally pick a wrong Azerite trait on your gear, don't worry, Blizzard does not want you to be locked into a set of choices and the initial cost of changing Azerite traits will be negligible. Respeccing becomes pricy if you plan to "abuse" the system.

Number of Resets Gold Cost
1 5 Gold
2 10 Gold
3 20 Gold
4 40 Gold
5 80 Gold
6 160 Gold
7 320 Gold
8 640 Gold
9 1,280 Gold
10 2,560 Gold
11 5,120 Gold
12 10,240 Gold

Azerite Armor Guides [Return to Top]

We've updated our Class guides with sections new Azerite guides and our team has created a tool to help you filter specific powers for your Class / specialization. Selecting a trait in the filter will display all items with that trait.


Alternatively, you can access specific Azerite guides below.

Death Knight

Demon Hunter











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9 hours ago, Abom said:

Artifact Power 2.0. Meh. PvP is the best thing about BFA.

I'm beginning to wonder if even that is any good. What all are they actually doing other than removing templates?

Warfronts are all a PVE mode. Arena and RBG have essentially no changes. Only announced "balance" to battle grounds have been the epic ones (AV and isles). World PVP is yet to be truly revived because if you were on a PVP server it's the same you just have to go turn it on. It's also lacking a world PVP zone, we will see if the duelest guild thing is actually interesting or if it's just dalaran sewers 2.0 where the real content is only 15 minutes long.

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"Note: You'll need to reset your Azerite powers if you pick a spec-based power and switch between specs"

So, if i pick a spec specific bonus, i have to pay each time i change from healer to dps for exemple??

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6 minutes ago, Rezz said:

"Note: You'll need to reset your Azerite powers if you pick a spec-based power and switch between specs"

So, if i pick a spec specific bonus, i have to pay each time i change from healer to dps for exemple??

Yes, that's how it works on Beta at the moment. Let's see if it's going to be the same on live.

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