Feral Druid DPS Azerite Traits/Powers and Armor — Shadowlands Pre-Patch 9.0.1

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General Information

Given the introduction of the Azerite system (unlocked by the Heart of Azeroth Icon Heart of Azeroth, for which we have a guide), we have prepared this page to help you choose the best traits and gear for your Feral Druid in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth — Patch Pre-9.0.1.

For more information about how the new Essence system introduced in Patch 8.2 affects you, please refer to our Feral Druid essence page.


Choosing Azerite Gear as an Feral Druid

Your choice of Azerite options will usually come down to a combination of item level versus the value of Outer Ring traits, with other Ring traits often taking a back foot due to how even they are. It is hard to pin a rule on this value due to swings in gains both in single target and AoE situations, and as such simulations and tools such as Bloodmallet, linked below, are the preferred way of navigating this, as it will often be personal to your character. With this in mind, we still always recommend using a tool like Raidbots to make sure that our recommendations are applicable.

Bear in mind that the additional Stamina can be beneficial for survival if you feel you are lacking in this regard. In the same vein, if survival is what you need and upgrading based on item level will prevent you from reaching an Inner Ring defensive trait due to your Heart of Azeroth level, this is likely a poor trade-off unless you are gaining a significant amount of damage in the process.


Choosing Azerite Traits as a Feral Druid

In the sections that follow, we will look at the best traits to choose. While the traits are ordered by power, this order is not a very strict priority, but more of a guideline. If you are primarily playing in Mythic+, then we advise you to check out the Azerite section of our Feral Druid Mythic+ guide.


Azerite in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch

For the few weeks that the Shadowlands pre-patch is active, you will still have access to all of the Azerite traits previously available during Battle for Azeroth. In many cases, nothing has changed compared to the expansion and what was best then remains best now. These will be deactivated when Shadowlands launches and you begin your journey to level 60. Ideally, you should be aiming for the following setup:

  1. Jungle Fury Icon Jungle Fury — x3
  2. Wild Fleshrending Icon Wild Fleshrending — x3
  3. Blood Mist Icon Blood Mist — x1
  4. Untamed Ferocity Icon Untamed Ferocity — x1
  5. Gushing Lacerations Icon Gushing Lacerations — x1

It can often be difficult to get a perfect setup of three of the ideal choices in tandem, so there are some one point wonder options as alternatives.


Outer Ring

Feral has two strong contenders for stackable traits, alongside some good one point options if you cannot get an ideal setup which is not possible with purely Ny'alotha gear alone.

Jungle Fury Icon Jungle Fury — causes your Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury to also grant a burst of Critical Strike rating. This is extremely strong due to a lot of your damage coming during those windows after the surge of extra Energy occurs. It also has great synergy with Predator Icon Predator in AoE situations improving its uptime. You should aim to stack as many of these as possible.

Wild Fleshrending Icon Wild Fleshrending — increases the daamge of Shred Icon Shred and Swipe Icon Swipe/Brutal Slash Icon Brutal Slash on targets affected by your Thrash Icon Thrash effect. This is a solid to your builder damage, and has even improved in Shadowlands due to the new Berserk Icon Berserk effects making it a good choice. This can be stacked and should be if possible alongside Jungle Fury.

Blood Mist Icon Blood Mist — increases the damage of your Rake Icon Rake and gives each tick a chance to activate Berserk Icon Berserk. Due to the change in Shadowlands, the Berserk effect is much more potent and as such this has a good chance to be a very powerful one point option in the pre-patch. Should only be used as a single point.

Untamed Ferocity Icon Untamed Ferocity — increases the damage of your Combo Point generating abilities, and each hit reduces the cooldown of Berserk Icon Berserk by 0.2 seconds. Similar to Blood Mist, the changes to Berserk make this more appealing. In longer fights this could net extra uses, but is less flexible. Should only be used as a single point.

Gushing Lacerations Icon Gushing Lacerations — increases Rip Icon Rip and grants each tick a 6% chance to generate a Combo Point. This on its own is quite average, but when paired with Primal Wrath Icon Primal Wrath can lead to a large influx of extra resources which can be powerful as a one point option.

Heart of Darkness Icon Heart of Darkness serves as a backup trait that can fill in any gaps if you cannot get the above traits. The flat stats are always useful, and always active during the pre-patch.


Middle Ring

Middle Ring traits are all fairly low impact, and your decision on which piece you use will generally be dictated by the Outer Ring options instead. Strong picks to aim for if available are:

Unstable Flames Icon Unstable Flames provides a lot of additional Critical Strike which Feral loves, and even with the volatile proc rate is desirable in the pre-patch.

Overwhelming Power Icon Overwhelming Power provides a big DPS output even despite the low value placed on Haste for Feral, but has the downsides of consistent damage intake reducing its uptime. The sheer amount given in bulk however often offets this.

Elemental Whirl Icon Elemental Whirl provides the biggest variance and is weaker than both above options, but still contributes a decent proc that serves as a pick if you do not have the above options available.


Inner Ring

As these traits all have a lot of situational context, and are related to your survival rather than your damage output, quantifying these traits is a lot more difficult. You should generally be looking at the content that you are intending to do, and pick the trait that is most likely to be activated, as some have very specific qualifiers to take advantage of. Due to that, it is hard to provide a list that will be of much benefit.


Azerite Trait Simulations


Outer Ring Simulations

Here are the simulation results for the best Outer Ring traits (both Druid-specific and generic).

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

Middle Ring Simulations

Here are the simulation results of the best Middle Ring traits (even though this Ring is less important).

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

Find Azerite Armor By Trait/Power

In the table below, you can see all of the Azerite gear available to your Feral Druid. By using the + button located next to each item, you can expand the list of Azerite powers that this item possesses (to collapse the list, simply click the - button).

If you want to filter items according to the powers that they offer, you can use the filters below.

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