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Archer Deathwing Rogue Deck

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I've never shared a deck but I'll make an exception sharing one of my most successful decks (played on the ladder up to rank 3 several months)

It's a Keleseth Rogue with very peculiar cards and the biggest difference is that Deathwing is mostly the win-condition of the deck

Here is the masterpiece :D

2X Backstab

2X Shadowstep

2X Elven Archer

2X Swashburglar

2X Southsea Deckhand

1X Patches the Pirate

1X Prince Keleseth

1X Acolyte of Pain

2X SI:7 Agent

2X Southsea Captain

1X Edwin VanCleef

1X Shaku, the Collector

2X Saronite Chain Gang

2X Nesting Roc

2X Vilespine Slayer

1X The Black Knight

1X The Curator

2X Bonemare

1X Deathwing


Elven Archer is mainly a combo activator that is more useful than Fire Fly since it does damage and can be shadowstepped if needs and save countless damage to face when big minions remain on the field with 1 hp saving you from taking huge face  damage to ping them, the card really shine in the deck to the point to deserving to name it

The Curator is there to pull Deathwing mostly and you get also a Nesting Roc in the process

Nesting Roc takes the place of Cobalt Scalebane commonly seen to add synergy to Curator, give a strong minion that priest almost never remove or a 7 hp taunt that I find more useful than a 5/5 do nothing

The Black Knight was added to help Vilespine removing high health minions that mostly have taunt to direct Vilespine on the other minions

Deathwing is the big surprise because it usually win matches on its own even matches that are completely off control can be win thanks to him.

Most people tend to go all in when see a Rogue in late game because almost nobody with similar decks bring aoe removal and even less can suspect that the dragon you pull with The Curator is Deathwing himself wrongfully think that is probably a Cobalt Scalebane

Against a Jade Druid landing a Deathwing is almost guaranteed to end the game because they spend any removal on the other minions and tend to go wide with boards resulting in losing 6-7 minions and have to face a 12 attack minion that they need at least 2 turns, turns they don't have cause Deathwing going face and leaving them dead.

Not drawing Keleseth early here isn't much a loss because you not need to win as fast as possible othwerwise you are doomed because usually the plan B works better than the plan A because the deck run so many minion that almost nobody save a removal for the 'surprise' Deathwing.

If someone wants try it let me know how was. I used this from rank 15 to 3 for 3 months already winning most of the matches without much problems against the most commonly found decks in standard.


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I really like the deck idea and do things different, I hope you get to legend with it :) In case you try to do that.

But it still makes sad every time I see a deck where alone the legends are worth 10k dust.

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Can't say much about dust cost (I guess is rather expensive 9200 dust of leg) but of those legendary I've only crafted The Black Knight the rest are from a lot of farmed packs in the years so i just used 1600 dust to craft it since the previous 6 mana cards that I tried weren't much useful (tried Argent Commander when there was a Corpsetaker I remember but I removed both).

Sadly most of the useful cards in the game have the highest rarity and have close to no replacements, Epic cards in the game are usually weaker than commons so decks end kinda like this with half common half legendaries

It doesn't help that now they release 2 legendaries each class while in the earliest sets were only 1 each class and I'm pretty sure they will go for 3 legendaries each class sooner or later

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Don't worry I understood, I had to craft still crap tons of other legendaries to play other classes during the years, each expansion gets always heavier with dust costs expecially for me that I don't spend money on the game

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8 hours ago, WedgeAntilles said:

Interesting idea with Deathwing.

I like it. But of course I'll never be able to try it. :(

Don't give up your hopes. And even if not, soon there will be new things to try out. :)

Edited by Caldyrvan

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Good idea against big decks maybe;

20 hours ago, Hanz39 said:

Elven Archer is mainly a combo activator that is more useful than Fire Fly

This is wrong, Fire Fly is a great one drop, and 1 damage is mostly not enough, since you can't use something like Execute

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A Goldshire Footman with no taunt doesn't feel a great one drop to me especially with no Elemental synergy meanwhile 1 damage is what sometimes need to make the difference from killing something or not. I don't play Elven archer at 1st turn ofc but is a card I can keep in hand at start.

People often understimate 1 damage but is 1 damage for 1 mana and in a deck that can't play Eviscerate is a life saver because aside SI7 and Backstab no other cards deal damage

Fire Fly most successful application is in Shaman where you can put a totem in the mid and make 2x 3 atk minions but aside of that and Elemental decks is just a Goldshire silenced that gives you another Goldshire silenced. Extremely aggro decks like druids have use for weak bodies but this deck isn't focused on weak bodies

Backstab Archer SI7 are 5 damage for example and minions like Tar Creeper are fairly common in the early game, things that dropping a Fire Fly won't kill, also Mind Control Tech is played by every druid I find and filling board with terrible bodies just help them using Mind Control Tech and Plague.

The archer is there to activate the combos and be used for the battlecry not for the body and is a better target for a shadowstep then Fire Fly that doesn't interact with the board.

I've tried Fire Fly anyway in the first version of the deck the one that is commonly seen around but it's more detrimental than other things 3 cards commonly played hard counter it (Mind CT, Plague and Northshire)

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12 hours ago, Caldyrvan said:

I'm happy to see someone using alternatives, may they be weaker or not. And when he's successful with it who are we to argue? :D

I am not arguing about anything, even when the deck is not succesful.

I didn't say anything about the deck, or the card choices. The phrase I quoted contains a general expression, which will be considered as 'incorrect' by 99% of players. 


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