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We Built a Quest Deck for Every Class in Saviors of Uldum

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Put your free Quest card to good use with our day 1 builds. Including the Rogue Quest. And the Shaman Quest. And even the Warrior Quest.


It's Saviors of Uldum release day and you've probably just logged into the game and been gifted a free Legendary Quest card. Yippee! Free stuff! But what exactly are you supposed to do with this thing anyway?

Worry not. I've spent the last few days immersed in a sea of card reviews, theorycrafting sessions and pre-release streams, and I'm pretty sure I've cracked at least a couple of these Quests.

All of this comes with a hefty disclaimer, though - DO NOT make any hasty crafting decisions based on the decks featured in this article if you're short on dust! Theorycrafted decks are risky business at the best of times, as new expansion metagames are always unpredictable. Furthermore, let's be honest, some of these new Quests probably aren't very good (looking at you, Garrosh). If you've opened a dud, by all means give it a go, and we think you'll enjoy our take, but don't throw too much dust at it if you can't afford to. You'll thank us in a couple of weeks.

That aside, let's move on to the fun bit.


Druid: Untapped Potential


Quest Phaoris Druid

Druid definitely got one of the more promising Quests in Saviors of Uldum. While it initially looked like there may not be enough strong Choose One cards to justify Untapped Potential's steep Mana cost, the reveals of Hidden Oasis and Oasis Surger went a long way towards improving our hopes. Now that we have the full picture, the pattern of play becomes clear: Quest Druid will turtle a bit in the earlygame, dealing with what it can while floating Mana, then turn the corner on turn 6 or 7 with a powerful Choose Both card (and perhaps an Anubisath Defender too). From there it should be fairly simple to close out the game thanks to the sheer power of a permanent Fandral Staghelm aura.

You'll need some extra muscle to grind out removal-heavy decks like Control Warrior. Enter King Phaoris. Since so many of our Choose Both cards are expensive spells, the Ramkahen king is a natural choice of finisher. And if one isn't enough to get the job done, we can always repeat it with Flobbidinous Floop.

Potential meta-breaker?
Yes. Druid's Quest is one of the easiest to complete consistently and has one of the strongest rewards.


Hunter: Unseal the Vault


Quest Mech Hunter

Hunter's Quest has one of the steepest conditions of the bunch - 20 minions is a lot! - but there are a wide variety of ways to go about tackling it. We've seen a lot of beast-focused lists built around Master's Call, and some that also feature a Secret package (Snake Trap and Hyena Alpha both work quite well with the Quest). We decided to showcase a different approach, built around an existing, powerful deck: Mech Hunter.

From Mecharoo to Replicating Menace to Boommaster Flark, it turns out that Mech Hunter is absolutely swimming in tokens. With this many minions-per-card, it should be fairly easy to complete the quest and begin applying pressure with a free Savage Roar every turn.

Potential meta-breaker?
Hard to say. There are a variety of ways to build the Hunter Quest, so even if this version falls flat, another list might find a place in the metagame.


Mage: Raid the Sky Temple


Quest Cyclone Mage

If the linked deck looks familiar, it's because we took a standard Cyclone Mage list from Rise of Shadows and slapped the Quest in it. If you want to cast a lot of spells at once, there's no better deck for the job.

It's possible that the Mage Quest will find a home in a slightly different deck, but wherever it ends up it's sure to be complemented by Mana Cyclone and Sorcerer's Apprentice. The synergy is too good to pass up.

Potential meta-breaker?
Seems unlikely. While Cyclone Mage can complete Raid the Sky Temple pretty fast, it's questionable whether or not it's worthwhile, especially since playing it on turn 1 reduces the size of your hand for Mountain Giant


Paladin: Making Mummies


Quest Mech Paladin

Paladin's Quest is straightforward to complete but asks us to play some fairly mediocre minions to do so. The payoff is fairly good though, and has great synergy with the Mech Paladin gameplan of buffing minions with Magnetic and resurrecting them with Kangor's Endless Army.

It's hard to imagine going any other direction with this quest, and its viability will always be limited by the pool of Reborn minions available for it to play (which is unlikely to improve, as Reborn is a set-specific keyword). We've put as many of them as possible in the deck, because getting Emperor Wraps online consistently is much better than waiting around. (We stopped short of Generous Mummy, though...)

Potential meta-breaker?
Quest Paladin looks like a one-dimensional deck, but could have a niche as a Control/Bomb Warrior counter. Likely to be low-tier but potentially playable.


Priest: Activate the Obelisk


Quest Resurrect Priest

Activate the Obelisk is another Quest that can be completed in a variety of ways. In our build we've opted to focus as much as possible on healing our minions rather than our face, as this will help us maintain tempo and develop an advantage to press with Obelisk's Eye. (There's also just not always damage on your face to heal up, as Lucentbark Druid fans are well aware of.)

A few resurrect effects round out the deck, ensuring that you won't run out of minions to buff later in the game.

Potential meta-breaker?
A dark horse. Zetalot, a well-known Priest specialist, had good things to say about the Priest Quest during pre-release events.


Rogue: Bazaar Burglary


Quest Tess Rogue

Rogue was already playing a variety of Burgle effects to activate Vendetta, so Bazaar Burglary seems like a safe bet. Four Quest notches looked like a tall order when we first saw the card, but the addition of Clever Disguise makes the whole thing look much more feasible.

Our build includes Heistbaron Togwaggle and Tess Greymane as powerful lategame haymakers - the Quest reward is powerful, but won't win the game on its own. We've also included a copy of Blade Flurry, a card that actually looks quite viable when we have an infinite supply of Shadowblades.

Potential meta-breaker?
Definitely. It doesn't take too much modification of existing rogue decks to make good use of Bazaar Burglary, and it makes control matchups look much more manageable.


Shaman: Corrupt the Waters


Quest Token Shaman

Probably the Quest most hyped by the community during reveal season, and for good reason. Shaman has a huge variety of strong Battlecry minions, including a powerful Lackey package centred around Weaponized WaspCorrupt the Waters seems like a strong card, so building a deck around it is more a case of "how" than "if".

We've opted for a broadly token-centric approach that uses the Heart of Vir'naal mostly for board. We've also kept a small Thunderhead package in the deck - while most of the Overload synergy cards don't advance or benefit from your Quest, they're the best tools Shaman has to fight back against aggression.

One inclusion here which we haven't seen elsewhere is Witchwood Piper. Fetching Sludge Slurper is great for getting your Quest completed, and as a Battlecry minion itself Piper benefits from the Heart of Vir'naal. We think there's a decent chance it becomes a staple in the deck.

Potential meta-breaker?
For sure. Quest Shaman was one of the best-performing decks in the pre-release Inn-vitational tournament, largely thanks to the efforts of BoarControl, whose list you can check out here.


Warlock: Supreme Archaeology


Quest Plot Twist Warlock

Alright, maybe I overhyped this one a bit. But I still like it! Plot Twist Warlock was a nearly-there deck in Rise of Shadows and Supreme Archaeology fits right in. Plus, Khartut Defender is a great addition to the deck, providing an extra source of healing that synergizes well with your Dollmaster Dorian and Fel Lord Betrug combos.

The featured list could change a lot depending on how aggressive the metagame is - you'll want to add more big, greedy minions at the first sign of a slow meta since they work so well with your Quest reward.

Potential meta-breaker?
My credibility is riding on it. (Probably not though.)


Warrior: Hack the System


Quest Bomb Warrior

In my humble opinion, this is the worst Quest and the most difficult to complete consistently. It was a real challenge to build around, but I think we arrived at something respectable.

We run six weapons in total plus two copies of Upgrade!, which will hopefully be enough attacks to both complete the quest and refresh Anraphet's Core a couple of times. The rest of the deck is a midrange take on Bomb Warrior, fast enough to like swinging weapons at face but slow enough that it should live to see the Bombs explode. It helps that Wrenchcalibur contributes to the tally of weapons needed to complete the Quest consistently. WrenchcaliburLivewire Lance and Sul'thraze all have great synergy with Upgrade! and Captain Greenskin, so look out for those power plays.

Potential meta-breaker?
Highly unlikely, especially while Dr. Boom, Mad Genius exists as a superior option.


That's all of them! Some of these are definitely more competitive than others, but all of them are sure to be great fun. As we said above, be careful about crafting cards to make these decks, as all are unproven and some, or even most, may turn out to be nonviable in the Saviors of Uldum metagame. Still, we hope you enjoy trying them out! Let us know how it goes in the comments, and be sure to show us your own takes on Quest Decks in Saviors of Uldum.

In my next post I'll be looking at Zephrys the Great decks. One for each class, including oddballs like Priest. Stay tuned!

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I'll rebound on this with first impressions, both from personal attempts and watching streamers go at it:

- Druid: too slow, the "Choose One" cards often being clunky until the quest is completed. This needs some serious refining, but it looks promising.

- Hunter: Solid, if one-dimensional. Fight for the board and keep it at all costs.

- Mage: Too slow for now. Very strong in Control vs. Control matchups, but otherwise a liability.

- Paladin: No frickin' idea. Didn't pull it and everyone and their mothers are playing Murloc Paladin when they play pally (and that one looks like it'll be Pirate Warrior 2.0 in this meta).

- Priest: Haven't managed to make it work, nor seen anyone get steady results with it yet. Wait and see, don't craft it yet.

- Rogue: Quite easy to pull off and good value over the entire length of the game, really strong.

- Shaman: Hilariously OP, best quest of the 9 by far

- Warlock: I hate to say this, but it's absolute garbage. You need to go Plot Twist lock otherwise it's unplayable, and you get absolutely wrecked by any fast deck. 

- Warrior: Surprisingly decent if you put in some armor gain, a power-Sul'thraze turn can turn the game around very quickly if you have enough HP/armor to pull it off. Sure, Herr Doktor is much more powerful, but I wouldn't count this quest out just yet.



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I'm happy that quests are making a return, and do not seem too strong this time around (though I might be wrong).

1 minute ago, Keizoku said:

Rogue: Quite easy to pull off and good value over the entire length of the game, really strong.

I hope it is, I got that one for free lol

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so far i have tried quest shaman, druid and priest (gonna try mage next). shaman is fun and good for now. priest quest is op but your deck needs some sort of aoe removal otherwise it will outright lose to most decks. druid deck looks good but i havent had any success with it. so far i generally like the new quests :)

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Generally agree with Keizoku, some other notes from my experience;

I think the better way to go for Druid is token druid, I don't think King Phaoris works with the deck though, those big spells will likely to be played before the King. Rest of the deck seems solid but I don't exactly know how it is supposed to win except a good King. Anyways, the quest is easily one of the top 2.

I think a better card as an answer to control deck is King Phaoris for mage. Class already has powerful big spells, and Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron might be an okay addition.

Priest quest is really slow, I mean, it is easy to complete with all the mass healing cards but the reward is underwhelming. I tried it with a buff deck with High Priest Amet and Zerek, Master Cloner, didn't work. I've seen someone playing it in a resurrect deck, didn't work there either.

I disagree on rogue quest, I got it for free as well. I still think the reward is underwhelming. 

Agree on quest shaman, but I think it true potential lies in wild, in a list like jade/evolve shaman. It is pure madness.

Warrior Quest is worse than I thought it would be. I tried to make it an aggro deck, then a tempo deck with some late game. Sul'thraze combo sounds awesome, but it is super inconsistent. I am impressed by the 6 mana minion which gives 5 armor while attacking though, also works with Sul'thraze



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On 8/7/2019 at 10:57 AM, blackstar128 said:

 priest quest is op but your deck needs some sort of aoe removal otherwise it will outright lose to most decks. 

This is true, without a couple of AOE's it's very vulnerable - though when it works, it works very well.

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