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Mech Paladin Deck List Guide (The Boomsday Project October 2018)

Last updated on Oct 01, 2018 at 00:00 by Kat 1 comment

Table of Contents

This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Mech Paladin in The Boomsday Project expansion.

Mech Paladin is a new archetype from the Boomsday Project expansion and the first time Mechs have been utilised in a Paladin deck since Goblins vs Gnomes. The deck focuses on playing select few Mechs an then proceeding to buff them with powerful Magnetic buffs so that they become almost unstoppable in strength. This playstyle plays right into the Legendary spell Kangor's Endless Army by resurrecting previously killed Mechs with their Magnetic buffs intact for a powerful finisher.

Although the archetype showed promise in the early days of The Boomsday Project expansion, Mech Paladin has lost a lot of traction. However, the spirit of the deck has continued to live on as a hybrid part of some Odd Paladin decks.

1. Mech Paladin Card List

This Mech Paladin deck costs 6,660 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAECAZ8FBvIFiMcCt+kC8f4CoIAD3oIDDNwD9AXPBq8Hm8IC48sC4vgCkfsC1v4C2f4C4f4CzIEDAA== (copy to clipboard)

2. Mech Paladin Mana Curve


3. Mech Paladin Mulligan Guide

Mech Paladin is a Midrange deck reliant on Mech synergy to power through the game. In order to get a strong start, you should be looking for cheap Mechs in the early game to establish board control and create a foundation to build upon.

You should try and find some solid cheap Mechs like Glow-Tron and Upgradeable Framebot in your opening hand. If you already have these cards, you additionally keep a stronger followup like Blessing of Kings or Annoy-o-Module.

Against aggressive opponents, you can also keep some removal like Truesilver Champion or Consecration to help fight for control of the board.

4. Mech Paladin Strategy

In the early game, your only aim should be to secure the board. With many high-Health minions like Glow-Tron, Upgradeable Framebot, Nightmare Amalgam, and Stonehill Defender, you have many resilient options available.

Going into the mid game, you can look to start buffing up your early-game minions with cards like Wargear, Annoy-o-Module, and Blessing of Kings. If you have multiple Mech targets on the board, it is a good idea to split the buffs across 2 targets to avoid Silence effects and hard removal from your opponent. However, you should try to avoid having more than 2 or 3 Mechs on the board as it will dilute your Mech pool for Kangor's Endless Army later in the game.

If your opponent is putting up a strong fight to control the board, you should not hesitate to delay your buffs and use a Truesilver Champion to control the board. Against wide boards, you also have the option of using Equality and Consecration as clean board clear. Due to the large number of buffs in the deck, there is much less drawback from having your own minions on the board when you play Equality as there are plenty of options for buffing your minions available to boost their Health in addition to Divine Shields. With this in mind, you also have the option of using Equality by itself and immediately following it up with buffs on your own minions so that they can trade into your opponent's big threats.

When it comes to ending the game, the snowball effect of repeatedly buffing your Mechs will be be too much for your opponent to handle. However, if your opponent manages to eventually clear your board, you can always fall back on Kangor's Endless Army for one final burst to bring back 3 of your Mechs and their Magnetic buffs. With this in mind, you should be very conscious of the number of Mechs you play throughout the game. If you have more than 3 Mechs die on your board, you will begin to decrease the chances that you can bring back your biggest threats. With this in mind, you should try to avoid playing your Magnetic Mechs as standalone minions and avoid playing any non-Magnetic Mechs once 3 Mechs have been played. However, once Kangor's Endless Army has been played, you can freely play any remaining Mechs from your hand.

5. Mech Paladin Card Swaps

This deck is very flexible outside of key cards like Kangor's Endless Army and has a lot of room for experimentation.

Most Magnetic cards can be considered for the deck, but you should avoid ones that summon additional Mechs like Replicating Menace.

Additional weapons and removal like Unidentified Maul or Shrink Ray can be considered if you are struggling against aggressive opponents.

6. Alternative Mech Paladin Decks

This section of the guide contains some alternative Mech Paladin variants that can be used instead of the deck used in the main guide. The variants listed are still able to compete at Legend ranks but have minor differences in the way they play.

6.1. Odd Mech Paladin Deck

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAECAZ8FBOvCAp74AvH+AqCAAw2KBoPHArjHAuPLApXOAvvTAtHhAtblArXmAv3qAtb+AsyBA96CAwA= (copy to clipboard)

This variant takes the strengths of Mech Paladin and combines them with Odd Paladin. As a result, this variant is much more aggressive and more about putting pressure onto opponents and utilising Mechs and their Magnetic buffs as another way to apply pressure onto opponents, while also having Kangor's Endless Army as a backup plan.

7. Budget Mech Paladin Deck

The Budget Mech Paladin variant cuts out a few of the Legendary cards like Zilliax and Val'anyr but retains Kangor's Endless Army as it is essential to the strategy of the deck.

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAECAZ8FAqX1AvH+Ag7cA/IF9AXPBq8Hm8ICiMcC48sCkfsC1v4C2f4C4f4CzIED3oIDAA== (copy to clipboard)

To make up for the Legendaries removed from the deck, additional copies of Spellbreaker and Spikeridged Steed. These changes allow the deck to be a bit more aggressive and push through opponents. The lack of Zilliax will also weaken your future Kangor's Endless Army, making it even more important to pressure your opponent even more.

8. Wild Mech Paladin Deck

As Mech Paladin is a brand new deck in the expansion, there is currently no Wild deck list available. However, once the meta settles, keep an eye on this space for Wild variants.

9. Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid playing too many standalone Mechs to avoid weakening your Kangor's Endless Army.
  • Do not be afraid to use Equality with minions in play as you can easily protect them with additional buffs and Divine Shields.
  • Use the numerous Taunt and Divine Shield minions in the deck to stall your opponent while you push damage.
  • Try and split your Magnetic buffs across more than 1 target to avoid hard removal and Silence effects.

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11. About the Author

This guide is presented to you by Kat, a professional Hearthstone player competing at the highest level since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.

12. ChangeLog

  • 01 Oct. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the October play season.
  • 01 Sep. 2018: Guide reviewed for the September play season. Removed 1x Bronze Gatekeeper, 1x Nightmare Amalgam for 2x Giggling Inventor
  • 08 Aug. 2018: Mech Warrior added to similar decks.
  • 08 Aug. 2018: Deck added.
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