WoW Classic Priest Weapons Guide

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Weapons are one of the most exciting upgrades in the game to obtain, both while leveling and raiding. While leveling your Priest you should focus will be on obtaining the highest DPS Wand you can, to assist you on your journey to level 60. Wands provide a large amount of damage while leveling so the more damage your wand does, the faster you will vanquish your foes. Once you approach maximum level your priority will begin to shift to obtaining some of the powerful Staves, or Mace/Dagger & Off-Hand combinations that will give you the biggest power boost in Dungeons, Raids and PvP. Holy and Discipline are after weapons with plenty of Healing Power, Intellect, Spirit or MP5 while Shadow is after Spell Damage and Shadow Damage to go along with their Intellect bonuses.


Priest Weapon Skills in WoW Classic

Priests start their journey through Azeroth knowing how to use One-Handed Maces and Wands. They can also learn Daggers and Staves from Weapon Masters in their factions capital cities.

Weapon Master location Weapon Skills available
Learned by default One-Handed Maces, Wands
Darnassus (around 57,46) Daggers, Staves
Ironforge (around 62,89) Daggers
Stormwind (around 57,57) Daggers, Staves
Orgrimmar (around 81,19) Daggers, Staves
Thunder Bluff (40,63) Staves
Undercity (57,32) Daggers

Early on you will be finishing off enemies with your One-Handed Mace once you run out of Mana. Once you get your first Wand, start using it to finish off enemies.

You can still expect to upgrade your regular weapon a few times during your journey, and your weapon will typically represent your main source of spell damage, healing power and other important stats. Remember that no matter how good a weapon is at a given level, it will quickly be outclassed by common weapons of higher level, so do not bother chasing the perfect low level weapon.


Wands for WoW Classic Priests

Wands are very important for Priests who are leveling, particularly before you reach level 40 they will contribute a significant amount of your damage.

For Shadow Priests level 40 is where their other spells start to overtake the damage and utility of your wands, however, they will always be useful when finishing targets off or while regenerating Mana.

For Holy and Discipline Priests, wands are extremely important all throughout the levelling process and care should be taken to upgrade them as often as practical to ensure a speedy leveling process.


Staves for WoW Classic Priests

Staves have some of the best damage and healing stats you can find on weapons, and do not require a compatible off-hand to be used, making them easy to use options.


Daggers for WoW Classic Priests

There are only a few notable Mage Daggers: Hypnotic Blade Icon Hypnotic Blade, Witchblade Icon Witchblade and Sorcerous Dagger Icon Sorcerous Dagger. Make sure to use any of these you come across, as they are very strong!


Maces for WoW Classic Priests

There are many Maces you will encounter while levelling up and raiding, it is not uncommon to be running a Mace and Off-Hand combination as a Priest. Notable maces include: Hand of Righteousness Icon Hand of Righteousness from Scarlet Monastery and The Hammer of Grace Icon The Hammer of Grace from Blackrock Depths.


Off-Hands for WoW Classic Priests

Off-hands compliment your Dagger of Mace by providing the added stats they are lacking. Some notable off-hands include Spirit of Aquementas Icon Spirit of Aquementas for healing or dps, and Thaurissan's Royal Scepter Icon Thaurissan's Royal Scepter for healing.


Weapons for Leveling Priests in WoW Classic

You will want to search for of the owl weapons while leveling, with of the eagle gear also being welcomed as an alternative. Owl weapons have Intellect and Spirit, which are the most important stats while leveling because they allow you to stay in the fight longer.


Leveling Wands for Priests in WoW Classic

Your wand, as a Priest, is the most impactful piece of your gear while leveling until around level 40 as Shadow, or beyond as Holy and Discipline, as you will often be using it to finish low-health enemies off, letting your Mana regenerate in the process. As such, being aware of wand upgrades is the main thing to look out for while leveling.

Required Level Wand DPS Source
5 Lesser Magic Wand Icon Lesser Magic Wand 11.3 BoE crafted from Enchanting
9-17 Cinder Wand Icon Cinder Wand 11.8 (Horde) Quest reward from Arugal's Folly in Silverpine Forest
9-17 Spark of the People's Militia Icon Spark of the People's Militia 12.8 (Alliance) Quest reward from The People's Militia in Westfall
13 Greater Magic Wand Icon Greater Magic Wand 17.5 BoE crafted from Enchanting
20 Dusk Wand Icon Dusk Wand 17.6 Wand vendor sells in Stormwind and Ironforge, Undercity and Orgrimmar
17-26 Spellcrafter Wand Icon Spellcrafter Wand 20.3 (Alliance) Quest reward from Retrieval for Mauren in Stonetalon Mountains
17-29 Branding Rod Icon Branding Rod 21.5 (Horde) Quest reward from Isha Awak in The Barrens
17 Cookie's Stirring Rod Icon Cookie's Stirring Rod 22.3 Drops off Cookie in Deadmines
23-31 Consecrated Wand Icon Consecrated Wand 24.2 (Alliance) Quest reward from Worgen in the Woods in Duskwood
22-29 Excavation Rod Icon Excavation Rod 24.2 (Alliance) Quest reward from Ormer's Revenge in Wetlands
26 Lesser Mystic Wand Icon Lesser Mystic Wand 25.3 BoE crafted from Enchanting
18-27 Gravestone Scepter Icon Gravestone Scepter 29 Quest reward from Blackfathom Villainy in Blackfathom Deeps
30-40 Rod of Sorrow Icon Rod of Sorrow 31.8 Quest reward from Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest in Arathi Highlands
30-40 Burning Sliver Icon Burning Sliver 32.7 Quest reward from Crushridge Warmongers in Alterac Mountains
41 Blackbone Wand Icon Blackbone Wand 35.3 Wand vendor sells in Stormwind and Ironforge, Undercity and Orgrimmar
42-50 Nature's Breath Icon Nature's Breath 41.4 (Horde) Quest reward from Dark Vessels in The Hinterlands
42-50 Cairnstone Sliver Icon Cairnstone Sliver 41.4 (Alliance) Quest reward from The Morrow Stone in Feralas
46 Noxious Shooter Icon Noxious Shooter 50 Drops off Noxxion in Maraudon
54-58 Smokey's Fireshooter Icon Smokey's Fireshooter 53.2 Quest reward from When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent in Eastern Plaguelands
51 Rod of Corrosion Icon Rod of Corrosion 55 Drops off Shade of Eranikus in Sunken Temple

End-Game Weapons for Priests in WoW Classic

Priests have many end-game weapons at their disposal. The best ones come from raiding, but there are also good options in dungeons and the occasional quest reward.

For more information about end-game gearing for Priests, please refer to our gearing guide for Priest DPS and Priest Healers. We also have a guide for obtaining Benediction Icon Benediction and Anathema Icon Anathema.


Complete Weapon Listings for Priests in WoW Classic Phase One

You can check a list for each type of Priest weapon below:

  • You can find most of Phase 1's wands, ordered by descending DPS, here, at
  • You can find most of Phase 1's staves, ordered by descending item level, here, at
  • You can find most of Phase 1's daggers, ordered by descending item level, here, at
  • You can find most of Phase 1's caster maces, ordered by descending item level, here, at
  • You can find most of Phase 1's off-hands, ordered by descending item level, here, at

The missing items are Molten Core items that were added in later patches of the game, but are already available in Phase 1, such as Benediction Icon Benediction and Staff of Dominance Icon Staff of Dominance.



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