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Artifacts stand alone in complexity and often have several crazy effects that are build-defining and good ones are a must. Check out exactly how they work, where they are used, how their affixes combine and everything else you might need to know about them.


Artifacts Overview

Artifact mods, also known as Eridian Artifacts, are powerful items which you unlock in the later stages of the story. At the lower rarities, they provide a generic combat bonus, often tied to a specific element or a combat mechanic, but at legendary quality, each artifact adds a distinct bonus which can, in some cases, enable a particular playstyle and build.

You can also read more about how exactly artifacts work in our Legendary Artifact guide, which explains the primary and secondary natures of the artifacts below.


Notable Artifact Effects


Primary Artifacts


Secondary Artifacts


All Legendary Artifacts

  • Commander Planetoid
  • Cosmic Crater
  • Deathless
  • Electric Banjo
  • Grave
  • Launch Pad
  • Loaded Dice
  • Moxxi's Endowment
  • Otto Idol
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Pull Out Method
  • Rocket Boots
  • Safegaurd
  • Splatter Gun
  • Static Charge
  • Unleash the Dragon
  • Victory Rush
  • White Elephant


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