Atlas Manufacturer: Assault Rifles, Pistols, and Rocket Launchers

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Atlas guns feature homing bullets and tracker darts, pucks and more, allowing you to run around carelessly and still hit your targets. Check out how they work, what guns they offer and more.

Atlas manufacturer

Atlas. It's state-of-the-art.


Atlas Manufacturer Overview

Atlas weapons sport average stats and distinguish themselves from the rest of the manufacturers by their unique tracking tools, be it a tracking dart or a grenade. You can switch modes to the tracker darts/pucks/grenades and after hitting a target or targets with them, your regular mode bullets will now follow your target(s) for a limited time. While not excelling at anything, Atlas weapons are a solid choice, and their ease of use makes them suited especially for newcomers and those who dont focus on perfect aim gameplay. They also cannot have elemental rolls on guns.


Atlas Weapon Traits

  • Above average handling
  • Average/above average bullet damage
  • Average fire rate
  • Average reload time
  • Average mag size
  • Average/below average accuracy
  • Alternate fire with tracker darts/busts/pucks/grenades which make regular bullets home in on enemies for a short duration

Notable Atlas Weapons

Atlas offers only 5 legendary guns, with 2 assault rifles, 1 pistol and 2 Rocket launchers, with the Ruby's Wrath standing out.


Assault Rifles

  • Carrier

Rocket Launchers

  • Freeman
  • Ruby's Wrath

All Atlas Weapons


Assault Rifles

  • Carrier
  • Rebel Yell


  • Linc

Rocket Launchers

  • Freeman
  • Ruby's Wrath

Atlas Lore

Atlas were the first corporation to discover Eridian tech and retrofit it for their products, making them one of the biggest corps in the galaxy. They created the Crimson Lance private military force in order to find and claim Pandora's Vault, but abandoned the goal after being defeated by the Vault Hunters in Borderlands 1. Current CEO Rhys would later claim the corporation from a digital copy of Handsome Jack during the events of Tales from the Borderlands, and need the new Vault Hunters' help with fending off a Maliwan takeover in Borderlands 3.



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