Zane (Operative) Hitman Build Guide

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Welcome to our Hitman build guide for Zane the Operative in Borderlands 3. This build makes extensive use of Kill Skills and Action on Skill End effects in order to multiply several times the damage potential of your weapons. With the correct setup it can solo Mayhem 4 Maliwan Takedown and Slaughter Shaft.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to gear yourself up and play this build at the highest level.


Hitman Zane build overview

Hitman Zane is a very mobile and fast paced build centered around kill skill activations and Action Skill End Anointments to create a looping sequence of multiple buffs that greatly empower the player, offering a high risk high reward playstyle that excels at mobbing and can be adapted for quick boss killing.



  • Great at dealing with groups of enemies, especially the Circle of Slaughter.
  • Suited for mid-close range combat.
  • Skill resets (especially clone) allow for aggressive playstyle but offer some safety at the same time.
  • Good sustain when played correctly.


  • Reliant on good weapons in order to tackle on the hardest content.
  • Some weapons may require some form of finesse and thought in order to best utilize them, making the spec a bit difficult to perform with, while learning.
  • Action on Skill End anointments on weapons/shield/grenade mod slots are somewhat required for the build to perform at its best.

Skill Tree and Playstyle

For more information about skills and playstyle for this build, please refer to our dedicated page.


Gearing and Stat Priorities

We have a dedicated page about gear, best-in-slot items, stat priorities, and anointed rolls for this build. Please refer to it for more information.



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