Children of the Vault Manufacturer: Assault Rifles and Pistols

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Children of the Vault guns are weird, unreliable and... awesome. With basically infinite magazines, you can just keep firing, as long as the gun does not explode in your hands. Check out how they work, what guns they offer and more.

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COV-guns are engine driven, and have to be started before they can be fired.


Children of the Vault Manufacturer Overview

Children of the Vault weapons are the Bandit equivalent weapons of Borderlands 3. Featuring high rate of fire and poor accuracy, at the core they are extremely ammo inefficient weapons meant for close quarter combat. Their unique mechanic, overheat, replaces magazines, allowing you to use all the bullets from the reserve instead, at the risk of overheating and eventually blowing up the weapon itself.


Children of the Vault Weapon Traits

  • High bullet count
  • Above average fire rate
  • Above average repair time
  • Below Average bullet damage
  • Below average handling
  • Poor accuracy
  • Overheat mechanic removes the reload downtime as long as the weapon does not break

Notable Children of the Vault Guns

Children of the Vault only have assault rifles and pistols, including the best pick for Amara's melee build, the Psycho Stabber.


Assault Rifles

  • Embrace the Pain



All Children of the Vault Guns


Assault Rifles

  • Embrace the Pain
  • Pain is Power
  • Sawbar


  • Linoge
  • SkekSil
  • Pestilence
  • Psycho Stabber

Children of the Vault Lore

Not a corporation but rather a cult, the bandit-oriented guns are made from scrap and eridian parts, use a car engine as their central component and are distributed by the cult's leaders Tyreen and Troy Calipso, the main villains of Borderlands 3.



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