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Shields are a must-have, as they are your primary defensive option, but their specific types have a slightly smaller effect on a build than the other categories. Check out all the details on them, where they are used, every single legendary there is, and more.


Shields Overview

Featuring 2 unique manufacturers with their own distinct trait, shield mods' primary function is to extend player survivability by effectively increasing hit points. Shield capacity is not their only metric, as shields often come with secondary effect(s) which can drastically change the approach to the battlefield, enabling specific builds and playstyles. Damage mitigation, health increase, elemental immunity, or brief damage immunity are some examples of what some of the best shield mods can offer.


Notable Shields


All Legendary Shields (by Manufacturer)

  • Anshin
    • Deluxe Badass Combustor
    • Frozen Heart
    • Messy Breakup
    • Nova Berner
    • Red Card
    • Re-Router
    • Resonant Back Ham
    • Rough Rider
    • Scream of Terror
    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  • Pangolin
    • Black Hole
    • Band of Sitorak
    • Big Boom Blaster
    • Impaler
    • Red Suit
    • Shooting Star
  • Hyperion
    • Front Loader
    • Re-Charger
    • Rectifier
    • Stop-Gap
    • The Transformer
    • Ward


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