Fl4k (Beastmaster) Rakk Attack Build Guide

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Welcome to our Rakk Attack build guide for Fl4k the Beastmaster in Borderlands 3. This build makes use of the Rakk Attack skill and gun damage in order to provide Fl4k with an efficient method to cut through groups of enemies.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to gear yourself up and play this build at the highest level.


Fl4k/Beastmaster Rakk Attack Build overview

Rakk Attack is a hybrid build for Fl4k the Beastmaster in Borderlands 3. It uses a mix of Action Skill Damage and gun damage to take down enemies and is good for general usage.



  • Works well while under-geared
  • Good for general gameplay
  • Great against flesh enemies


  • Lacks scalability compared to some other builds
  • Does not excel at anything in particular
  • Mostly deals single-target damage

Skill Tree

For more information about skills and playstyle for this build, please refer to our dedicated page.


Gearing and Stat Priorities

We have a dedicated page about gear, best-in-slot items, stat priorities, and anointed rolls for this build. Please refer to it for more information.



  • 12 Oct. 2019: Guide added.
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