Moze (Gunner) Bulletstorm Build Guide

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Welcome to our Bulletstorm guide for Moze the Gunner in Borderlands 3. Combining precise weapons with high DPS and rate of fire with mini grenades on crit, this build allows to relentlessly focus-fire targets to death from a safe position and before they can become a threat. Here, you will learn everything you need to know to gear yourself up and play this build at the highest level.


BulletStorm Moze build overview

Bulletstorm Moze is an evolution of the standard Bottomless Mags build that rose in popularity after Means of Destruction Means of Destruction nerf. Leveraging the ammo regeneration/capacity found in the Bottomless Mags tree, this Vladof-branded build aims to unleash a tremendous amount of firepower at your enemies by combining fast and precise weapons with the Mind Sweeper class mod.


Skill Tree



  • High sustained elemental damage.
  • Good survivability.
  • Generally defensive playstyle but weapon choices allow for a more offensive and rush playstyle.
  • Suited for long-range combat.


  • Iron Bear used only to enable some Anointed Traits (if you have any) and to provide an escape or recharge shields.
  • Weapon dependent.
  • Requires some precision in order to consistently hit weak points.
  • Actively dodging enemy fire is mandatory, as your shield regen options are tied to critical hits (and kills if you have the guardian perk).


Bulletstorm Moze is primarily a defensive build suited for long-range engagements. By making extensive use of the bipod attachment, the extremely high damage output of this build allows to delete targets from safe range. The goal is to focus fire individual targets with a Shredifier and get as many critical hits as possible in order to trigger multiple Mind Sweeper mini grenades which contribute to both single target and splash damage (especially deadly in chokepoints like stairs in Slaugtherstar 3000 where enemies like to clump up). That said, the playstyle is not necessarily rigid and if the situation arises, it can be adapted by swapping to a more mobile mid-range approach by using the likes of Lucian's Call, The Dictator, or even Faisor.


Bulletstorm Moze Skills


Skills Breakdown

  • Cloud of Lead Cloud of Lead improves our ammo efficiency while Redistribution Redistribution and Forge Forge provide continuous ammo regeneration for the active weapon.
  • Scorching RPM's Scorching RPM's is the only direct damage increase trait in the whole tree.
  • Matched Set Matched Set and The Iron Bank The Iron Bank combined almost double the baseline magazine size of any weapon, which in turn also double the ammo regen from Forge Forge and Redistribution Redistribution.
  • Rushin’ Offensive Rushin’ Offensive increases our mobility and allows for a faster repositioning.
  • Thin Red Line Thin Red Line and Vladof Ingenuity Vladof Ingenuity are used to increase the shield pool and increase our survivability.
  • Experimental Munitions Experimental Munitions adds some extra Incendiary damage everytime we score a Critical hit.
  • Drowning in Brass Drowning in Brass and Desperate Measures Desperate Measures both increase weapon damage by a noticeable amount.
  • Phalanx Doctrine Phalanx Doctrine is a non-capped scaling buff that increases our shield and gun damage for each foe we kill.
  • Full Can of Whoop-Ass Full Can of Whoop-Ass is by default our main option of recovering shields if the situation gets ugly.

Action Skill, Augments, and Elements

Iron Bear is mostly used as an escape or to proc anointed effects, thus its loadout is more of a personal choice. I like to run with double Salamander Salamander, augmented with both Fuel Economy Fuel Economy and Molten Roar Molten Roar for the extra mobility.


Alternative Skill choices

The 2 points in Phalanx Doctrine Phalanx Doctrine and 1 point in Full Can of Whoop-Ass Full Can of Whoop-Ass can be used to max Vladof Ingenuity Vladof Ingenuity if more survivability is needed (or when not running The Transformer).


Bulletstorm Moze Gearing


Best in Slot

In order to make the most out of Matched Set Matched Set, it is paramount to have 4 Vladof weapons in the loadout, as the resulted magazine increase will allow us to never reload, thus benefit all the time from specific anointed effects that would otherwise last only 2 magazines.

Shredifier is the star of the build: offering an extremely high rate of fire, good damage and long range precision even in hipfire with the bipod equipped, allows to consistently get critical hits from afar, and to trigger dozen of grenades on beefy targets. Oftentimes, when dealing with multi-bar enemies, you will notice their last bar instantly evaporate as a result. The negative aspect of a deployed bipod is generally mitigated by the ability to delete targets way past the range in which they can become a danger. A Cryo or Incendiary variant are the best options, especially if paired with an anointed effect that grants additional elemental damage for the next 2 magazines.

Lucian's Call is the backup weapon for whenever there are multiple enemies and you want to stay mobile. It offers much less focused damage potential than the Shredifier, but whenever there are multiple enemies, ricochet bullets can also hit a critical point and proc grenades on secondary targets. Best found in Cryo version, especially if the other weapon is Incendiary, to help deal with yellow bars (armor), while providing consistent crowd control through freeze.

Our third weapon choice is for even closer range engagements, and that is The Dictator. With bipod deployed, this gun shoots 7 bullets at a time, making it especially desirable for when an anointed enemy teleports in front of you. Downsides? Due to the bullet spread, the effective range is rather short, but can be extended by aiming down sight (and reducing the horizontal spread).

Last weapon slot is usually a flex choice: if your loadout lacks Cryo or Corrosive weapons, you may want to use a spare Shredifier, Lucian's Call, The Dictator, or Faisor with a matching element. Another option is to run a Jericho, to use at the beginning of a fight against hordes of enemies, as it will blanket the whole area with radioactive explosions and can help softening multiple targets before the actual engagement starts. We have enough ammo regeneration skill perks to sustain the ammo expenditure, especially when using Mind Sweeper mod which allows for a second point(!) in Redistribution Redistribution and multiple points in Fire in the Skag Den Fire in the Skag Den and Torgue Cross-Promotion Torgue Cross-Promotion, further increasing the launcher's effectiveness.

Mind Sweeper is a welcome change in the build, and works the best with fast firing/precise weapons such as Vladof guns. The rolls it comes with also increase the damage of the mini grenade triggered, which is a welcomed bonus.

When choosing the Artifact, Deathless offers the highest damage with its synergy with Desperate Measures Desperate Measures. If you have yet to find it, another temporary options is Victory Rush for added mobility and damage. Overall the artifact itself is not that important, as much as the rolls it comes with: % Assault Rifle Damage and % Magazine Size are incredibly desiderable, and so is % Vladof weapon damage.

The Transformer is the preferred shield mod choice, providing Shock damage immunity and a high chance to absorb incoming bullets, and synergizes well with Shock Grenades (or Barrels) for additional sustain in a pinch.

Grenades are mostly used for utility, thus the likes of Quasar and Storm Front provide both crowd control and survivability.


Anointed Rolls

Anointed rolls are special additional effects that can appear on weapons and shields at higher levels. The special effects relate to the use of action skills and provide powerful temporary buffs.

Bulletstorm Moze build greatly benefits from 2 rolls on Weapons, the first generic and the second class specific:

  • 'On Action Skill End, the next 2 magazines will have 50% additional bonus Element Damage' works extremely well as we basically never reload, making that an almost always active bonus on a given weapon.
  • 'After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 40% bonus Incendiary damage', is numerically a worse roll than the generic one, but it always comes with Incendiary Damage as the upside.

'After exiting Iron Bear, gain 75% increased shields and health for 25 seconds.' offers the best defensive capabilities, but requires some degree of micromanagement

For the seasonal Terror anointments, the most impactful is a generic one that says 'While Terrified, deal 50% bonus cryo damage.' and is best paired with the Gunner specific 'After Reloading, consume all Terror and create a nova that deals cryo damage.' in the situation where we reach too many stacks making our aim unsteady beyond control.


Alternative Gear from Missions

The build relies on a tight combination of specific legendary items, thus there is no viable alternatives from missions.


Best-in-slot Gear and Stat Priority List

Slot Item Special Effect Secondary Stat/Effect Priority
Weapon 1 Shredifier
  1. Incendiary/Cryo Damage
  2. % Weapon Damage
Weapon 2 Lucian's Call
  1. Cryo Damage or Incendiary
  2. % Weapon Damage
Weapon 3 The Dictator
  1. Incediary/Cryo/Corrosive Damage
  2. %Weapon Damage
Weapon 4 Jericho
  1. Consumes 2 ammo per shot
  2. % Weapon Damage
Shield The Transformer 100% Shock resistance. 40% chance to absorb projectiles. 25% max capacity
Class Mod Mind Sweeper
  1. % Assault Rifle Damage
  2. % Magazine Size
  3. % Vladof Damage
Artifact Deathless Reserves all but 1 health point. 100% shield Increase. -20% Shield recharge delay.
  1. % Assault Rifle Damage
  2. % Magazine Size
  3. % Vladof Damage
Grenade Mod Quasar Vortex grenade that bounces and hovers, sucking enemies in while constantly dealing shock damage.
Grenade Mod Alternative Storm Front Splits into 4 grenades that deal continuous shock to nearby enemies.


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