Sheriff Amara (Siren) Build Guide

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Welcome to our Sheriff Amara build guide for Amara the Siren in Borderlands 3. This build uses high-damage weapons in combination with the Ties that Bind Action Skill to deal large amounts of overkill damage to groups of enemies.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to gear yourself up and play this build at the highest level.


Sheriff Amara Build overview

Sheriff Amara is the best Siren build when it comes to non-Elemental weapons. It makes use of high-damage Jakobs gun in order to stack overkill damage for use with Remnant Remnant and the Overkill Guardian Reward. This massive damage can then be used on a single target in combination with Ties that Bind Ties that Bind in order to kill large groups of enemies, of almost any size, in a single bullet.



  • Great at dealing with groups of enemies at any range
  • Overkill mechanic can be used to deal large amounts of damage to bosses
  • Is suitable for use with a range of high-damage weapons


  • The unique playstyle of the build can be difficult to get used to
  • Very punishing if a shot is missed
  • Significantly less sustain than other Amara builds
  • Weak against targets that are not vulnerable to critical hits

Skill Tree and Playstyle

For more information about skills and playstyle for this build, please refer to our dedicated page.


Gearing and Stat Priorities

We have a dedicated page about gear, best-in-slot items, stat priorities, and anointed rolls for this build. Please refer to it for more information.



  • 04 Nov. 2019: Guide added.
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