Tediore Manufacturer: Pistols, Shotguns, and SMGs

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Tediore guns may be throwaway, but they will hit your opponents in the face when you do throw them, and you will get a brand new one in your hands immediately. Who needs reloading. Check out how they work, what guns they offer and more.

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The Tediore corporation would like to tell you that for the cost of one Hyperion pistol, you could own three Tediore submachine guns. That's nearly THREE TIMES as many! Who needs fancy elemental tech or high damage when you can reload faster than you can blink?


Tediore Manufacturer Overview

Tediore weapons have a unique reloading mechanic: the weapon is tossed at the enemy for additional damage, scaled with the amount of ammo left in the magazine. Then the weapon digistructs itself, back in the wearer's hands. This makes them sport the quickest reload time of all the manufacturers, and to balance this gimmick, Tediore weapons often offer below average firing performance, with relatively slow fire rate, which usually means it is better to throw the weapon immediately instead of firing it.


Tediore Weapon Traits

  • Quickest reload time
  • Average handling
  • Average accuracy
  • Average magazine size
  • Average/below average bullet damage
  • Slow fire rate
  • Reloading the weapon tosses it instead for additional damage, and it re-appears reloaded in your hands

Notable Tediore Guns

Tediore offer pistols, shotguns, and SMGs, with the latter being the best they have to offer.



  • Baby Maker


  • Firesale Long Musket ++
  • Smart-Gun XXL
  • Ten Gallon

All Tediore Guns



  • Baby Maker
  • Bangarang XL
  • Gunerang XL
  • Scorpio XL


  • Creeping Death
  • The Horizon
  • Polybius


  • Firesale Long Musket ++
  • Smart-Gun XXL
  • Ten Gallon

Tediore Lore

Tediore is the cheap gun alternative to all the other manufacturers (even CoV), as their guns are completely disposable and all the other corporations look down of them, as the Maliwan CEO repeatedly jokes about.



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