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Shotguns are the ultimate close-range weapon and are tied with rocket launchers in burst damage, if you can hit with all pellets. Check out all the details on them, where they are used, every single legendary there is, and more.



Shotguns are close-range weapons, suited to burst a target in a few impactful shots, due to generally slow rate of fire compensated by high damage. They fire pellets with spread that will negatively affect their output the farther the target is. Fairly long reload time. Highest initial/first impact damage, tied with launchers.


Notable Shotguns


All Legendary Shotguns (by Manufacturer)

  • Hyperion
    • Brainstormer
    • Conference Call
    • Face-puncher
    • Fearmonger
    • Phebert
    • The Butcher
  • Jakobs
    • Hellwalker
    • Nimble Jack
    • One Pump Chump
    • Sledge's Shotgun
    • T.K's Wave
    • The Garcia
    • The Tidal Wave
  • Maliwan
  • Tediore
    • Creeping Death
    • The Horizon
    • Polybius
  • Torgue
    • Flakker
    • Redline
    • The Boring Gun
    • The Lob


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