Moze (Gunner) Endless Rockets Girl Build Guide

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Welcome to our Endless Rockets Girl build guide for Moze the Gunner in Borderlands 3. By using Grenades as a resource engine, this build amplifies rocket launchers' damage to (literally) explosive effects, making short work of even the beefiest target. Here, you will learn everything you need to know to gear yourself up and play this build at the highest level.


Moze Endless Rockets Girl build overview

Endless Rockets Girl is a natural derivation from the Grenadier Hybrid build, leveraging multiple weapon damage amplification effects. The focus of this build is the synergy between slow firing heavy hitters (launchers in particular) and the ammo/shield continuous sustain provided by grenade mods like the Hex which also eliminates the need to reload your weapons.



The recent change to the Vampyr and Grenade interaction, which made the skill only proc on initial impact and following explosions severely impaired the synergy loop described in this build, and for the time being there are no grenades able to consistently replenish shields in order to make full use of the Re-Router.

The following adjustments can be made, just keep in mind build effectiveness has taken a severe hit in scenarios like Slaughter Shaft Mayhem 3 with negative modifiers.

  • ATLAS Epic quality Grenade with double MIRV or divider/MIRV and the Bouncy affix which will increase the number of explosion to a maximum of 18 per grenade. Arguably the best option but it will still struggle to replenish shields because ATLAS grenades have no elemental damage, therefore playstyle adjustments need to be made in order to minimize damage taken.
  • Moxxi's Bouncing Pair is a non-tracking grenade with high damage that can replenish ammo and shields with multiple bounces however requires to funnel enemies in a narrow path, to make full use of the mod.
  • Ghast Call can be a viable alternative if you manage to find a MIRV/Divider or a double MIRV version. Initial explosion will proc Vampyr effect as well as each skull explosion.

Skill Tree



  • Great sustained damage on both multiple targets and tougher enemies.
  • Good survivability.
  • Weapon loadout does not require much aim proficiency.
  • Suited for mid-long range combat.
  • Anointed are a bonus (but not required).


  • Iron Bear used only to enable some Anointed Traits (if you have any) and to provide utility.
  • Good at boss killing, not for speedkills, as it lacks burst.
  • Requires you to dance around the battlefield to avoid close quarter.
  • Does not have good recovery options in FFYL.
  • Gear dependent, without specific items the build is non-functional.


Endless Rockets Girl plays as a mid-long range build, skirting the battlefield while providing a steady output of damage in the form of homing Grenades and missiles. Weaving grenades with slow firing weapons creates a seamless loop where grenades provide ammo and shield return, help with crowd control, and constantly replenish your shield which is in turn used to amplify your damage even further. Weapon selection allows for a fire-and-forget gameplay allowing the player to focus on positioning and dodging shots instead. Iron Bear is used to provide utility in the form of crowd control, target debuffing, panic button and ultimately also a decoy for the enemy fire.


Endless Rockets Girl Skills


Skills Breakdown

  • Means of Destruction Means of Destruction—is the key trait that enables the whole build, as it is the only way to regenerate grenades. After October 10 patch, it has a 0.3-second internal cooldown which prevents us from getting back multiple grenades from a single instance of splash damage, but it remains a very powerful trait.
  • Pull the Holy Pin Pull the Holy Pin—increases Grenades damage in a very noticeable way, while also offering additional synergy with On Critical Hit traits.
  • Vampyr Vampyr—is our main source of sustain, thanks to the constant stream of grenades, we are able to outheal any source of damage that is not a direct 1-shot.
  • Auto Bear Auto Bear—is used to enable all the utility that comes with Iron Bear loadout: Musical Chairs Musical Chairs adds more crowd control while Target Softening Target Softening provides a damage debuff on multiple targets.
  • Thin Red Line Thin Red Line and Vladof Ingenuity Vladof Ingenuity—used to increase the shield pool and increase our survivability.
  • Experimental Munitions Experimental Munitions—adds some extra Incendiary damage everytime we score a Critical hit, grenades included.
  • Drowning in Brass Drowning in Brass and Desperate Measures Desperate Measures—both increase weapon damage by a noticeable amount.
  • Cloud of Lead Cloud of Lead—increases our ammo efficiency, which is especially important with ammo inefficient weapons such as shotguns and launchers.
  • Stoke the Embers Stoke the Embers—used to buff our Incendiary Damage.

Action Skill, Augments, and Elements

Iron Bear is kitted with as many utility features as possible: V-35 Grenade Launcher with Musical Chairs Musical Chairs occasionally group up enemies and disrupt them, while Vanquisher Rocket Pod with Target Softening Target Softening increase the damage taken by the enemies affected.


Alternative Skill choices

The 3 points in Stoke the Embers Stoke the Embers can be redistributed in the following skills depending on the situation:

  • 2 points in Vampyr Vampyr and 1 point in Redistribution Redistribution when you dont have enough sustain in both shields and ammo (usually when not running Recurring Hex).
  • 3 points in Phalanx Doctrine Phalanx Doctrine are arguably a better choice when mobbing in high level content and inside the various Circles of Slaughter, providing higher potential damage at the expense of a somewhat lower starting point.

Endless Rockets Girl Gearing


Best in Slot

The build relies heavily on specific gear pieces, and without them, you lose the vital synergies required for the build to function properly at higher difficulties. Starting with the Grenade Mod, Recurring Hex is the best option, not because of the damage which has been nerfed substantially in the 17th of October patch, but because of the sustain (and crowd control with cryo variation) provided.

Launchers are the weapons of choice for this build, and there are 3 of them worth aiming for:

  • Scourge should be your first choice: a slow traveling projectile that generates homing missiles until it impacts on any surface (or face!). It has the potential to deal incredible damage on single targets and can hit multiple times the same target. Each missile generated by an amped shot will be amplified too, without consuming additional shields. Best with Incendiary roll damage.
  • Hive is another very powerful launcher able to spawn multiple homing projectile after each shot. It comes in both Radioactive (best) and Corrosive variants and is your go-to solution to deal with airborne targets or waves of enemies.
  • Last but not least, the freshly buffed Jericho which comes only with Radioactive damage. Capable of utterly annihilating hordes of enemies on its own, it suffers from relatively poor damage on single targets and extremely high friendly fire. Annexed variant recommended, for additional explosions.

Flakker is the 4th option regarding weapons: despite the recent nerfs it is still extremely strong when burst at mid-range is required, and due the nature of this build, the long reload is not an issue.

Regarding Class mods, Bloodletter is once again invaluable and a cornerstone for this build to work. Without it, we cannot constantly regenerate shields which is required for both our survivability and to continuously proc Re-Router. A possible alternative could be Blast Master but the additional damage does not justify the loss in survivability and Re-Router proc uptime.

When choosing the Artifact, Deathless is a cornerstone to the build, thus is not easily replaceable. If you have yet to find it, other temporary options are Otto Idol for added sustain or Victory Rush for added mobility and damage.

Re-Router is one of the key elements that makes the build work, as it greatly increases our weapon damage output.


Anointed Rolls

Anointed rolls are special additional effects that can appear on weapons and shields at higher levels. The special effects relate to the use of action skills and provide powerful temporary buffs.

Endless Rockets Girl build greatly benefits from 2 rolls on Launcher Weapons, the first generic and the second class specific:

  • 'On Action Skill End, The next 2 magazines will have 50% additional bonus Element Damage' works extremely well as we basically never reload, making that an almost always active bonus on a given weapon.
  • 'After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 40% bonus Incendiary damage', is numerically a worse roll than the generic one, but it always comes with Incendiary Damage as the upside.

Alternative Gear from Missions

The build relies on a tight combination of specific legendary items, thus there is no viable alternatives from missions.


Best-in-slot Gear and Stat Priority List

Slot Item Special Effect Secondary Stat/Effect Priority
Weapon 1 Scourge
  1. Incendiary Damage
  2. % Weapon Damage
Weapon 2 Hive
  1. Radioactive Damage
  2. %Weapon Damage
Weapon 3 Jericho
  1. Consumes 3 ammo per shot
  2. %Weapon Damage
Weapon 4 Flakker
  1. Incendiary Damage
  2. %Weapon Damage
Shield Re-Router When full, next shot drains 50% of shield to deal 120% bonus Amp damage and return it as health. 25% max capacity
Class Mod
  1. Bloodletter
  2. Blast Master
  1. % Weapon Damage
  2. % Splash Damage
  3. % Incendiary Damage
Artifact Deathless Reserves all but 1 health point. 100% shield Increase. -20% Shield recharge delay.
  1. % Area of Effect Damage
  2. % Weapon Damage
  3. Elemental Resistance
Artifact Alternative Otto Idol Restores Health after killing an enemy.
  1. % Area of Effect Damage
  2. % Weapon Damage
  3. Elemental Resistance
Grenade Mod Hex Hovers around releasing beams of damage to nearby enemies.
  1. Recurring variant
  2. MIRV variant
  3. Splits variant
Grenade Mod Alternative Storm Front Splits into 4 grenades that deal continuous shock to nearby enemies.


  • 09 Nov. 2019: Updated guide with DISCLAIMER section to reflect the changes done in regards to Grenade splash damage.
  • 21 Oct. 2019: Guide added.
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