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Pistols are probably the most versatile gun type in the game, with both fast-firing options and high-damage revolvers being viable. Check out all the details on them, where they are used, every single legendary there is, and more.


Pistols Overview

Pistols in this game are sidearms with high ammo reserve count. They can either be fast firing close quarter weapons or slower, hard hitting revolvers. As such, they are a flexible category that can help fill gaps in weapon loadouts: revolvers can be used to snipe distant targets and faster firing pistols/revolvers can be used as a mid-close tool to deal with rushing enemies and hordes. Versatility is somewhat offset by their respective damage models which is not on par with specialized categories like Sniper rifles or shotguns/SMGs but is just good enough to fill those roles.


Notable Pistols


All Legendary Pistols (by Manufacturer)

  • Atlas
    • Linc
  • Children of the Vault
    • SkekSil
    • Linoge
    • Pestilence
    • Psycho Stabber
  • DAHL
    • AAA
    • Nemesis
    • Night Flyer
    • Venomous Hornet
  • Jakobs
  • Maliwan
    • Hellshock
    • Hyper-Hydrator
    • Sellout
    • Superball
    • Thunderball Fists
  • Tediore
    • Baby Maker
    • Bangarang XL
    • Gunerang XL
    • Scorpio XL
  • Torgue
    • Breeder
    • Devastator
    • Devils Foursum
    • Girth Blaster Elite
    • Occultist
    • Roisen's Thorns
    • Echo
  • Vladof
    • Infinity
    • Unending Magnificent


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