Moze (Gunner) Short Fuze Build Guide

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Welcome to our Short Fuze build guide for Moze the Gunner in Borderlands 3. Combining Iron Bear, Grenades and Guns, this build offers a straightforward yet satisfying and effective gameplay. With no glaring weakness, the build's versatility and power make short work of even the hardest content available. Here, you will learn everything you need to know to gear yourself up and play this build at the highest level.


Moze Short Fuze build overview

Short Fuze is an extremely competitive build for Moze, and arguably the best at this time, boasting flexible weapon selection and a well rounded toolkit that can tackle any situation without having to worry much. It is not very gear reliant and can work with most of the guns in the game.


Skill Tree



  • Great damage on both multiple targets and tougher enemies.
  • Great sustain through Vampyr.
  • Enables a more liberal use of grenades; you can lob them at your heart's content!
  • Works well with any automatic and/or splash weapons.


  • Grenade economy is tied either to a splash damage weapon or the player ability to hit critical shots if using Mind Sweeper.
  • Not the fastest boss killer, althought dedicated weapons can be used to make things easier.


Short Fuze offers a rather straight forward yet very effective playstyle, centered around shooting at bad guys while lobbing grenades at the same time in order to never have to reload and provide a constant stream of healing through Vampyr Vampyr. Auto Bear is generally used to soften targets up, provide a distraction from enemy fire and increase survivability or mobility if needed.


Short Fuze Skills


Skills Breakdown

  • Grizzled Grizzled—enables fast Iron Bear resets which in turns bolster survivability, applies damage debuff, soak enemy fire, give grenades back and can make a pretty good coffee.. almost.
  • Means of Destruction Means of Destruction—the key trait that enables the whole build, as the only way to regenerate grenades. After 10th October 2019 patch, it has a 0.3-second internal cooldown which prevents us to get back multiple grenades from a single instance of splash damage, but it remains a very powerful trait.
  • Torgue Cross-Promotion Torgue Cross-Promotion—maxed to gain an additional 30% splash damage increase. The chance for double the splash radius requires you to keep the distance with any target to avoid blowing up randomly with your own damage.
  • Pull the Holy Pin Pull the Holy Pin—increases Grenades damage in a very noticeable way, while also offering additional synergy with On Critical Hit traits.
  • Auto Bear Auto Bear—works as force multiplier, and often enough allow to drag most of the enemy fire away from the Vault Hunter.
  • Vampyr Vampyr—our main source of sustain. Thanks to the constant stream of grenades, we are able to outheal any source of damage that is not a direct 1-shot.
  • To the Last To the Last—a safety net trait allowing us to score a second wind more reliably, without the need of a launcher; lob as many grenades as needed to get back on your feet, soldier!
  • Short Fuse Short Fuse—the center of the build, enabling more explosions instances, thus more chances to get grenades back and to trigger additional fire damage through Fire in the Skag Den Fire in the Skag Den
  • Armored Infantry Armored Infantry—mostly taken to advance further down the tree, even though the gun damage increase and the damage reduction provided are still nice.
  • Drowning in Brass Drowning in Brass—a noticeable gun damage increase.
  • Experimental Munitions Experimental Munitions—some extra Incendiary damage everytime we score a Critical hit, grenades included.
  • Cloud of Lead Cloud of Lead—increases our ammo efficiency, which is especially important on ammo inefficient weapons such as shotguns and launchers.
  • Dakka Bear Dakka Bear—offers added flexibility in multiplayer and a bit more variety in the playstyle loop even during solo sessions at a low opportunity cost.
  • Redistribution Redistribution—just another tool to regenerate ammo, further reducing the need of reloading.
  • Scrappy Scrappy—taken over Rushin’ Offensive Rushin’ Offensive as I personally never find myself running in a straight line shooting during a gunfight and I would rather have faster swap speed while strafing.
  • Scorching RPM's Scorching RPM's—increases the critical damage while also providing a damage increase to Short Fuse Short Fuse.
  • Specialist Bear Specialist Bear—was buffed in the April patch to a 60% damage increase, making it a fairly intuitive pick for just 1 point
  • The additional 3 points added in the latest DLC allow us to reach Some for the Road Some for the Road with relative ease, allowing to make use of high damage but otherwise ammo inefficient weapon such as launchers/snipers/shotguns.

Action Skill, Augments, and Elements

Double Miniguns with Exploding. Bullets. Exploding. Bullets. is the preferred choice there, providing sustain, grenade return, and allows us to trigger Short Fuse Short Fuse like a madman.


Alternative Skill choices

1 point in Some for the Road Some for the Road and 2 points from Scrappy Scrappy can be redistributed in different traits depending on the situation:

  • Rushin’ Offensive Rushin’ Offensive offers some conditional Life Steal and can be used to outheal any incoming damage with high-impact weapons.
  • Full Can of Whoop-Ass Full Can of Whoop-Ass reinforces the usage of Iron Bear as panic button under pressure and also helps the team.
  • Security Bear Security Bear is an option when not running splash weaponry on Iron Bear to increase its durability.

Short Fuze Gearing


Best in Slot

The build is relatively lenient in terms of gearing. That said, some slots are somewhat required to make it function at its best:

For the grenade mod, a Cloning Maddening Tracker is the best option in terms of sustain from Vampyr Vampyr and Means of Destruction Means of Destruction procs. Other alternatives include Moxxi's Bouncing Pair and Epicenter.

Regarding Class mods, Blast Master is the first choice, synergising well with splash damage fast-firing weapons as long as you dont accidentally reload your gun. Mind Sweeper is a higher skill alternative that requires you to hit critical shots but opens up weapon choice by allowing to take non-explosive guns without hurting your grenade economy.

Weapon choice is more of a personal preference as long as it either does splash damage or is accurate enough to land critical hits with mindsweeper.

Guns worth mentioning when using Blast Master are: Kyb's Worth, Tigg' Boom, Plaguebearer, Backburner and the DLC2 shotgun Insider.

Mind Sweeper opens up the weapon selection allowing to pick up guns like DLC3 Beacon and Flipper, DLC2 Soulrender. Good vanilla weapons are Hellshock, Kaoson, Sand Hawk, Faisor and Breath of the Dying.

When choosing the Artifact, the newly added The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge provides the highest damage increase. If you have yet to find it, other temporary options are Otto Idol for added sustain or Victory Rush for added mobility and damage.

Shield mods offer more room for choice: in general any good defensive shield is viable from The Transformer which grants shock damage absorb to DLC1 Rico. Re-Charger and Stop-Gap are also an option as well as DLC2 Old God. Big Boom Blaster is also worth mentioning when running a launcher heavy build.


Anointed Rolls

Anointed rolls are special additional effects that can appear on weapons and shields at higher levels. The special effects relate to the use of action skills and provide powerful temporary buffs.

As the focus on this build is around splash damage, the best anoints are the following:

  • 'On Action Skill End, Splash Damage is increased by 200% for a short time'.
  • 'After exiting Iron Bear gain 160% increased Splash Damage for 18 seconds'.
  • 'Consecutive Hits increase Weapon Damage by 1% per hit, misses remove all bonuses'

For a defensive anointed effect the best one is without question the Gunner specific that increases your shields and health by 75% for 25 seconds after exiting Iron Bear.

For the Grenade mod slot, the best anointed is the one that increases Weapon, Grenade and Skill damage by 25% for 6 seconds.


Alternative Gear from Missions

As this build is not really focused around specific gear but rather good individual items, there are no recommended gear from missions.


Best-in-slot Gear and Stat Priority List

Slot Item Special Effect Secondary Stat/Effect Priority
Weapon 1
  1. Kyb's Worth
  2. Tigg' Boom
  1. % Weapon Damage
  2. Cryo Damage
Weapon 2 Plaguebearer
  1. % Weapon Damage
Shield The Transformer Absorbs all Shock damage.
Shield Alternative 1 Re-Charger Instantly recharge when depleted.
Class Mod
  1. Mind Sweeper
  2. Blast Master
  1. % Weapon Damage
  2. % Manufacturer Damage
  3. % Magazine Size
Artifact The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge Consecutive hits grant 1% damage increase. At 15 stacks gain additional 90% extra damage.
  1. % Weapon Damage
  2. Health
Artifact Alternative Otto Idol Restores Health after killing an enemy.
  1. % Area of Effect Damage
  2. % Weapon Damage
  3. Elemental Resistance
Grenade Mod Cloning Maddening Tracker Homing Grenade that splits in 6 additional grenades.
Grenade Mod Alternative Epicenter On impact releases burning spheres in a radial pattern.


  • 13 Jul. 2020: Updated for DLC3 and the 2nd July patch.
  • 16 Apr. 2020: Guide added.
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