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Bloody Harvest is a seasonal Borderlands 3 event that released on 24th October 2019. The event is available until 5th of December and contains themed enemies, challenges to complete, a new boss, new gear and anointments, and the spooky new Terror mechanic.


Bloody Harvest Overview

The Bloody Harvest is a seasonal event where you will encounter Haunted enemies throughout the Borderlands 3 galaxy. The event will last until 5th December and has new content that includes the following.

  • Haunted enemies
  • Terror mechanic
  • Repeatable Questline
  • New enemy-filled area and boss
  • New Legendaries
  • New Terror-based weapon anointments
  • Various challenges to complete

Haunted Enemies, Ghosts, and Terror

During the event, you will notice that throughout your travels in Borderlands 3 some enemies will appear slightly different. Regular enemies will sometimes have a green glow and Badass enemies may have a red glow. This glows indicate that an enemy is Haunted and will release a Ghosts when killed.

Ghosts come in 3 forms:

  • Green (Normal) Souls
  • Red (Badass) Souls
  • Orange (Loot) Souls

Green and Red Ghosts will spawn from Normal and Badass enemies respectively. They will follow you around and periodically attack you until they are killed. When attacking, they will inflict you with a stack of terror. While afflicted with Terror the corners of your screen will be impaired with a green glow and you will find the handling and recoil of your gun worse for each Terror stack you have.

On your travels, you will also occasionally come across Loot Ghosts. These Ghosts will float around with an orange glow but will not attack you. Instead, these Ghosts will float around minding their own business, in a similar manner to Loot Tinks. These Ghosts will drop a small amount of loot when killed and, unlike Loot Tinks, are easy to kill.



During the Bloody Harvest event there will be a new guest on Sanctuary named Maurice. Maurice can be found on the upper level of Sanctuary opposite Tannis' Infirmary and is where you will begin your quest.

Maurice will initially task you with finding Haunted enemies in the galaxy. By traveling to any area of your choice in the galaxy, you should notice that some of the enemies in the area are now Haunted, identifiable by their green or red glow.

After finding a Haunted enemy, Maurice will then task you with collecting 25 Hecktoplasm. Hecktoplasm is a guaranteed drop that is available after killing Ghosts that will spawn from Haunted enemies. Collecting 25 Hecktoplasm is as simple as grinding through enemies and can be done anywhere. However, we recommend areas with a large density of enemies, such as Circle of Slaughter arenas. Once your have collected your Hecktoplasm, return to Maurice to continue the next part of your Quest.

Using the 25 Hecktoplasm you gather, Maurice will open up a portal to Heck for you and ask you to kill Captain Haunt. Heck resembles parts of Athenas and contains various Halloween-themed enemies, such as Rakk-O'Lanterns (Rakks) and Corpse Tender Commandos (Maliwan Soldiers).

After traversing Heck and defeating Captain Haunt, you can return to Maurice to complete your Quest for a cash reward. After the Quest is complete, the portal to Heck will close and Maurice will once again offer you the Quest to collect 25 Hecktoplasm, allowing you to begin the journey opening a portal to Heck once again.


Heck and Captain Haunt

The layout of Heck is like that of the Proving Grounds. You will have to fight your way through various check points until you reach the boss at the end. However, unlike Proving Grounds, you do not need to kill every enemy. Instead, you should look to kill special Keymaster enemies to progress to the next area.

Shortly after entering Heck, you will come across the first Keymaster in Heck. Killing this Keymaster will allow you to progress to the next area.

Once you progress through the second area you will find the second Keymaster at the end. They will initially be protective bubble and immune to all damage. To remove the bubble, look around for nearby Shielding Phylacteries casting beams to the boss. Destroying these will remove the immunity, allowing you to kill the Keymaster and progress the next area.

Continuing forward, you will pass the area's pumpkin puzzle, that is explained in the challenge section, and a hole in the ground to progress through. Continue down through hole to reach the next locked area. Kill the nearby Ratch Keymaster to continue onward through the hole in the floor in to an arena to trigger a cutscene and face off Captain Haunt.

Captain Haunt uses a huge shielded Maliwan suit and is very similar to the fights against Captain Traunt and Commander Traunt in the story. The fight is composed of 3 phases where boss will periodically fire rocket-propelled pumpkins at your location and enemies spawn in the arena to kill you.

The fight itself is mechanically straightforward and you should focus on damaging the boss as much as possible. Once you have depleted the shield of the boss and removed one third of its health, it will go immune and spawn 4 Phylacteries in the arena. While the Phylacteries are alive, the boss will regenerate shields, so you should try to kill them as quickly as possible in order remove the immunity and reach the next phase of the fight. Phase 2 follows the same strategy as phase 1 and will continue until the boss has one third of its health remaining where they will go immune once again. Once the boss is immune, kill the 4 Phylacteries that spawn again to trigger Phase 3 of the fight. Phase 3 will then continue with the same pattern as the previous phases and will last until you kill the boss.

Once you have killed the boss, make sure to pick up the red chest that unlocks behind where you drop into arena and then return to Maurice when you are done.


New Legendaries and Anointments

As part of the Bloody Harvest event, 4 new Legendaries were added:

Name Type Manufacturer Effect
Fearmonger Shotgun Hyperion
Stalker Sniper Rifle DAHL 3-round burst
Scream of Terror Shield Anshin Unleashes a nova of Cryo damage when shield breaks
Ghast Call Grenade Mod Torgue Causes explotion of Ghosts

To go alongside these Legendaries, a range of new Anointments were also added to make use of the Terror mechanic:

Class Anointment
All While Terrified, deal 50% bonus Cryo damage.
All While Terrified, enemy bullets have a chance to reflect off of you. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.
All While Terrified, reduce all incoming damage by a small amount. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.
All While Terrified, you have a chance to fire an extra projectile per shot. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.
All While Terrified, gain health regeneration. The more Teror you have, the higher the bonus.
All While Terrified, gain increased crit damage. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.
All While Terrified, gain ammo regeneration. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.
All While Terrified, gain increased damage and fire rate. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.
All On Action Skill End, apply Terror to yourself every 5 seconds for the next 18 seconds.
All On Action Skill End, heal 25% max health, effect is increased by 15% per Terror stack. Consumes all Terror.
Amara After Phasegrasping an enemy, Amara fires Terror skulls at the grasped target dealing 3718 damage.
Fl4k After Using Attack Command, consume all Terror and Fl4K's Pet gains 50% bonus fire damage for a short time.
Moze After Reloading, consume all Terror and create a nova that deals Cryo damage.
Zane While SNTNL is active, SNTNL gains 100% lifesteal while you are affected by Terror.

Challenges and Rewards

As part of the Bloody Harvest, there are 15 event-themed challenges to complete. There are a range of cosmetic rewards available for completing set numbers of challenges. Visit our Challenge guide for a breakdown of all of the Bloody Harvest Challenges

Skin Type Skin Name
Weapon Trinket Shrunk 'n Dead
Echo Skin Hecko-3
Character Skin If Spooks Could Kill
Weapon Skin Ghoul Metal Grey


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