The Boomsday Project Full Card Reveals

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The final 52 cards from The Boomsday Project were revealed after a live stream with Day[9] and Mike Donais.


The final 52 cards from The Boomsday Project were revealed today after a "Final Card Reveal Stream" with esports personality Day[9] and Principal Game Designer Mike Donias. The entertaining duo played four games together with Druid, Warrior, Priest, and Mage decks created by Chakki, a current balance designer and former Hearthstone pro. The games did an excellent job of showcasing new cards doing powerful things, and I would highly recommend watching the replay of the stream if you didn't get a chance to see it live.

You can view all 52 newly revealed cards right here. Too many new cards were revealed today to discuss in a single article, so I've decided to highlight a few of the most exciting and impactful cards from today's reveals below. All card images come to us courtesy of Hearthpwn:


Skaterbot and Mecharoo



If you were worried about the viability of Aggro Mech decks, worry no longer. One drops are the backbone of any aggro deck, and these two are notably stronger in the early game than other Neutral one drops which currently see widespread play. I expect Skaterbot and Mecharoo to dominate early boards in the new meta, enabling Mech decks to enter the midgame with a lead.


Floop's Glorius Gloop



I can't wait to read the Reddit comments on this card, as the predictions for Druid dominance in The Boomsday Project were already loud before this card was spoiled. Floop's Glorious Gloop (possibly the best card name in Hearthstone history?) enables some ridiculous turns for token decks. I don't think Floop's Glorious Gloop is going to allow anything busted in Malygos or Hadronox decks, but it could very well be the reason that Treant decks are viable in The Boomsday Project.





You know what goes great with Voidlords and Doomguards? More Voidlords and Doomguards! You can use this card in Skull of the Man'ari decks as a replacement for Carnivorous Cube + Dark Pact, or perhaps in addition to it if the meta is slow enough.


Crazed Chemist



Odd Rogue has been a powerful deck throughout the Witchwood meta, but there was a never a strong consensus as to which 5 drops were best in the deck. I think that argument will be over with Crazed Chemist, as Cold Blood on a 4/4 is exactly the kind of card that aggressive Rogue decks are looking for in the midgame. The immediate +4 Attack added makes Crazed Chemist deal notably more damage over 2 turns than Cobalt Scalebane, and the fact that the Attack all goes to the same minion makes it easier to play with than Fungalmancer.


Piloted Reaper



A callback to a powerful aggro card in Piloted Shredder, Piloted Reaper has many of the same advantages as its predecessor. Though it doesn't provide the same amount of card advantage, it does provide the same amount of board presence with a greater guarantee of synergy. I expect Piloted Reaper to be a 2-of in most aggro Mech decks.


Crystalizer, Spirit Bomb, and Nethersoul Buster



We got to see these cards win a game against Control/Mech Warrior on stream, where Chakki was able to play an early Hooked Reaver into a massive Nethersoul Buster to squeak out a victory. Zoolock decks now have a strong incentive to ditch their healing synergies for a self-damage/demon subtheme in The Boomsday Project.


Secret Plan



We've learned from cards like Primordial Glyph and Arcane Keysmith how strong it is to dig for a card which matches your needs for the current game. Secret Plan is the perfect enabler for Emerald Spellstone, and a versatile tool for disrupting your opponent's game plan.


Topsy Turvy, Test Subject, and Extra Arms



Priest saw a massive dip in popularity during The Witchwood. There were many questions about which direction the class would move towards with new Boomsday cards, and we appear have our answer. It seems that Blizzard is interested in pushing Divine Spirit/Inner Fire Combo Priest in this expansion, which has been slowly picking up new tools since Kobolds and Catacombs. I'll be very interested to see if Topsy Turvy can sneak its way into controlling Dragon Priest lists as a tool for killing 0 Attack minions and for pushing damage with Twilight/Primordial Drake.


Flark's Boom-Zooka and Necromechanic



We got to see Flark's Boom-Zooka pull out two Charged Devilsaurs and a King Krush on stream, then trigger Abominable Bowman into Necromechanic to resummon one of each for lethal damage. We've seen Deathrattle Hunter decks built around Silver Vanguard and Devilsaur Egg thrive in the Witchwood metagame, and I don't expect them to go anywhere in The Boomsday Project thanks to these powerful new cards. 

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really intersting cards with a lot of possible decks to try out.

also, a huge shout out to Aleco, the cover for the Boomsday expansion with all your thoughts put in was really extraordinary, thank you!

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Yeah, thanks Aleco, Stan, Zadina for the coverage.

Should be fun next week, power level is way higher than Witchwood for sure so the meta should totally change this time. Looking forward to opening mecha’thun and then spending most of the week unsuccessfully trying to kill someone with it!

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The names in this set... Just amazing. They've really hit the flavour out of the park.

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Crazed Chemist in very strong in any kind of rogue deck.

Both 1 drop mechs seem good for aggro mech decks. Having them both a odd-cost is nice for a possible odd mech paladin deck.

Gloop is good in token decks. Whether you go treants, or standard token decks, it will be good. It will be a good addition to token druid, in conjunction with Mulchmuncher. Seems good.

22 hours ago, Aleco said:

 I expect Piloted Reaper to be a 2-of in most aggro Mech decks

I disagree. If it was summoning from deck, then yes. Summoning from hand, especially for a small minion, is not a big tempo gain. Because the minion itself is only 2 mana. And Reaper is 4/3, meaning, it dies to some 1 drops, and many 2 drops. If your 2 drop is vanilla, then it doesn't matter. Not all aggro decks has 2 mana deathrattles. Keep in mind that, many small mechs have magnetic, so you would rather play them. All in all, I think that card might see play in quest priest. Reason is, with new deathrattles and new epic guy, quest priest deck will have quite a low curve, so a 4 drop deathrattle summoning a 2 drop or 1 drop deathrattle is good.

Anyways, I think Spirit Bomb is good. 2 mana 4-damage can be strong for evenlock, deck has single target removal problems. It upgrades spellstone too, what more there is to it? Nethersoul Buster seems good after Chakki played a 18/6 yesterday, but it won't happen often. Zoo will be strong, and I think the 3 mana 2/2 guy will be better than this guy. Playing one huge minion in a swarm deck doesn't always work.

Necromechanic will be a stable in deathrattle hunter. I think the only problem is, you already have to be ahead on board,or at least has some deathrattles to get value from him. 5 mana 3/6 is a good body, but it is a pseudo-taunt. One very apparent synergy is with Play Dead, in case your Kathrena and Vanguard are alive.

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