Tavern Brawl: Blood Magic - Standard

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This week, we have a second constructed Tavern Brawl in a row.

This Tavern Brawl is almost identical to Blood Magic, which was first introduced six months ago. The rule is that your spells cost health instead of mana. The difference this time is that you can make only Standard decks, technically making it a new Tavern Brawl.

The Standard rule doesn't seem to matter much, since the decks that dominated in Blood Magic the previous time mostly contain vanilla and Standard cards. For example, one of the best decks was OTK Mage with Pyroblast, Fireball and Arcane Missiles or Greater Arcane Missiles Buff Paladin is also a solid choice. Lastly, Druids have their usual powerful tools of Innervate combined with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, in addition to the newly introduced Ultimate Infestation.

Don't forget that Violet Illusionist can help you cast free spells basically. Good luck!

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I have tried 3 decks so far. Value Priest with Violet IllusionistLyra the Sunshard and Shadow Essence, but that felt too slow. Face Paladin with DinosizeBlessed Champion and a ton of buffs to be applied on 1-cost charge minions, taking advantage of the fact that the opponent cannot cast spells when they do not have the health, even if it would heal them back. Third deck is currently the most powerful imo - first turn kill druid, with Ultimate Infestations and Nourishes as the draw engines, some buffs to be used on Patches the Pirate (or Boar, if you don't have the pirate), and attack-granting cards like GnashBite and Feral Rage. Around 15 wins, the game starts to be all about who is first. Players with coins lose pretty much every time. Highly unbalanced.

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I have mixed feelings about Violet Illusionist in this brawl. Most times when I'm losing, it's because I've run out of cards, not because I've run out of health. But since it's Standard only, options are kind of limited as far as how much draw and how many useful spells you can just jam in the deck, so I usually have a few slots floating... maybe I should just put them in anyway. 

The OTK decks seem less consistent than last time now that it's standard only... but they're probably still the way to go. I had the best luck with druid, personally. If you're just going for the one win, you'll eventually roll a hand with Nourish to Infestation or vice versa and just win the game. Plus, those are cards people are likely to already own if they're playing druid at all this expansion. The cards that make Paladin good, like Dinosize, Lay on Hands, Blessed Champion, etc. are more likely to be cards people have disenchanted or never bothered to craft in the first place. 

I had the most fun so far with big priest with lots of thoughtsteal effects. Replace the typical ysera with maly, trust me. It's a blast. 

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9 hours ago, positiv2 said:

Highly unbalanced.

Yeah, that was the conclusion the first time as well. Turn one lethal, so funny...


I'll post this here as well, just in case someone needs a quick win:

Class: Druid
2xInnervate, 2xMoonfire, 2xClaw, 2xStonetusk Boar, 2xWrath, 2xMark of Y'Shaarj, 2xFeral Rage, 2xGnash, 2xViolet Illusionist, 2xBite, 2xSwipe, 2xNourish, 2xStarfire, 2xUltimate Infestation.

Last two cards don't really matter. Take Lunar Visions if you have them for more card draw, but any spell will do. Mulligan for InnervateViolet Illusionist and Ultimate Infestation. Draw like crazy, aim everything at face, enjoy turn one lethal.

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Like already said in the other posting:

I quite like the brawl. If you play it with a friend and both of you don't think too much about a deck and just combine something.

If you optimize your deck, if you put as much thought in it as you have, if you think it through - it gets pointless.


But IMO the brawl-events don't need to be perfectly balanced - and with the tons of cards existing now (Violet Illusionist !) it is next to impossible to make a brawl that is realy different from the normal game. And still be balanced.

You can have fun if you fool around and if you take it too seriously brawls tend to get broken.

Perfect to play with a friend and both play a not optimized deck.

(And generally speaken I don't play tons of brawls - I play a few games, sometimes more sometimes less. I have a lot of fun but I know it can't replace the standard-game. Because it just isn't balanced at all. My gues is Blizzard doesn't expect us to play 20 - 50 brawls, more like 5 or 10. And then leave it be and wait for the next brawl. And that is fine with me.)

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Have seen some funny or weird and useless brawls but this one exceeded all!Turn 2 win by concede almost when i thought i was losing because clearly i didn't know what i was doing!I wanted to say that the deck given to us by @positiv2 works but didn't even do what was suggested!Anyway,easiest brawl pack ever!

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