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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Tracer on each map, as well as a general ranking of Tracer's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Tracer


Tracer on Temple of Anubis

A flanker's paradise, Temple of Anubis has all the tight corridors and backdoor entrances that a girl with a bomb and the ability to teleport could wish for. Tracers on attack (and defense) can score big kills with minimal effort due to the map's playstyle and close quarters shenanigans. The Temple's lack of open space makes the map claustrophobic for defenders trying to fight together (especially on the backside of point B), allowing Tracer to sneak into their ranks and create panic. One well placed Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb on this map can spell game over for even the staunchest of defenses.


Tracer on Hanamura

While point A's chokepoint is one of the deadliest spots in the game, characters like Tracer can ease on through without much of a problem. Once Tracer passes the sentries at the gate, she has a lot of options regarding her next move. While she could take the time to wait for the right moment to pounce on an unsuspecting support, this map allows Tracer to backdoor both point A and point B. There is something to be said about the layout of Hanamura's map that few people really appreciate. While the chokes are annoying, this is one of the only maps where backdooring is actually rather effective. Defenses have to decide on whether to send more than one player to deal with the Tracer, or to trust one of their players to duel Tracer while they fight on a different front. For this reason, Hanamura is a unique attack map for flankers, and one that can be extremely fun for practiced Tracer players.


Worst Map for Tracer


Tracer on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

While there are no maps that Tracer is "bad" on, Watchpoint is definitely Tracer's worst map. The size of the map loans itself to a lot of duels, which would be good for Tracer if it were not for how layered the map was. Some areas of the map have 4 distinct vertical planes, and one of Tracer's weaknesses is heights. Tracer has to be close to enemies to make an impact on the game, and when a McCree or Soldier: 76 has the high ground over Tracer, she is not going to be as effective as she could be. As stated, Tracer can be utilized on Watchpoint, but players might find it difficult to take out enemies who can quickly jump from one plane to the next.

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