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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Winston on each map, as well as a general ranking of Winston's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Winston


Winston on Watchpoint: Gibraltar/Numbani

Thanks to Winston's Jump Pack Icon Jump Pack, Winston is a threat to be feared on two of the largest map in the Overwatch universe. Many people like to main Widowmaker on the vast play areas, but Winston can easily harass and kill Widow if she is not a few feet from her team. Speaking of teams, players on both maps often split from one another and skirmish with small groups of enemies. While that might be fine against an uncoordinated team, this is a dangerous choice against a Winston that communicates often and knows when to go in. Therefore, Watchpoint and Numbani are undoubtedly two of the best maps for Winston for many of the same reasons, and players who master his positioning are sure to have success.


Winston on Horizon Lunar Colony

Winston's home turf is arguably one of his best maps for a number of reasons. First, the map and its points are fairly open, which gives Winston a lot of intel regarding where and when he should dive into a fight. Second, this map has some high ground, and Winston can exploit this design to quickly transition between levels or chase enemy heroes who are injured. Third, their are a number of ways that each point can be accessed, and Winston's Jump Pack Icon Jump Pack ability allows him to utilize these entrances to the fullest extent. Many players fail to realize that Winston is engaging them until it is too late for them to defend themselves.


Worst Map for Winston


Winston on Nepal

While there are no maps Winston is "bad" on thanks to his reliability and simple, yet effective, kit, Nepal has the perfect small-sized play areas that can put a damper on Winston's effectiveness. Maps that encourage players to stick together through their close-knit designs can make finding targets a difficult prospect, especially when Winston's team has a hard time communicating/following his lead. One wrong Jump Pack Icon Jump Pack can send Winston into the heart of the enemy team with little ability to escape. Additionally, while there are a few advantageous spots to use Primal Rage Icon Primal Rage (mainly Sanctum), Winston will only secure kills and deal damage with it if the enemy team is busy dealing with other threats. Therefore, while Winston is an ok pick on Nepal, there are surely better options.

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