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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play McCree on each map, as well as a general ranking of McCree's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for McCree


McCree on Dorado

Dorado is an escort map that has two things McCrees thrive off of, open space and lots of high ground. On Dorado, McCree can handily dish out a lot of damage as enemies try to push the payload through the streets of Mexico. Even on attack, McCree is a helpful ally as he can shoot up at enemies who are on high ground. When teams collide in buildings or on the third part of the map after the second checkpoint, McCree's Peacekeeper Icon Peacekeeper is a great weapon for taking out enemies in corridors and on various levels. Additionally, there are plenty of awkward angles where McCree can set up a vicious use of Deadeye Icon Deadeye by dropping from high ground and firing in mid-air.


McCree on Hanamura

Hanamura is another one of McCree's favorite maps for the exact same reasons as Dorado. On Hanamura, there is plenty of open space that enemies must cross to get to McCree, and by the time they do, McCree should have dealt a good amount of damage. Additionally, the choke point before point A allows an offensive or defensive McCree to sit back and deal damage without worrying about enemies getting in their face. Uncontested McCrees can put out a ton of damage with the right aim. Lastly, the point B objective has a number of locations where McCree can use Deadeye Icon Deadeye to either secure the point or defend the point for his team.


Worst Map for McCree


McCree on Temple of Anubis

Although one would think that McCree would thrive on Temple of Anubis, the reality is that the map is almost too close-quarters for McCree to work as intended. McCree has a difficult time taking on multiple enemies, but Temple of Anubis lends itself to grouping up and staying together. Although McCree can split from his team and take high ground on point A, the enemy is typically outfitted with characters who have tons of mobility, which means McCree can be overrun if the enemy spots him alone. To drive home the point, Deadeye Icon Deadeye is extremely difficult to use on this map, as the small size forces McCree to take aim in compromising positions, and the enemy has plenty of walls to hide behind when McCree is channeling his ultimate.

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