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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Reaper on each map, as well as a general ranking of Reaper's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Reaper


Reaper on Temple of Anubis

Close-quarters, plenty of high ground and corridors to attack from, and the map's tendency to bunch teams into small spaces all lead to positive experience for a Reaper main. Both of Reaper's playstyles (flanker and tank-buster) work on this map, which mean players can often switch up their tactics at the drop of a hat. Reaper mains should use the various high ground areas to drop on unsuspecting players from above, and when the time is right, Reaper can clean up kills on both objective A and objective B.


Reaper on Volskaya Industries

Volskaya offers plenty of tight corridors to work in, but it also offers Reaper a variety of paths to use to get behind the enemy team. On the first point, Reaper can Shadow Step Icon Shadow Step over the water to attack enemies from behind, and on the second point, Reaper can Shadow Step onto the staircase on the right side of the point, or take the floating platforms into the high ground of the left side of the point. Either way Reaper takes, he can deal massive damage to enemies who are unaware of his presence, and therefore, stealth is everything until the final second.


Worst Map for Reaper


Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Watchpoint: Gibraltar is a huge map with a lot of play area that transcends multiple levels. Therefore, teams will often picked ranged damage heroes like Widowmaker and McCree in an attempt to pick off the enemy team. While Reaper can use Shadow Step Icon Shadow Step to get onto high ground, there are often enemies waiting for his arrival on a variety of positions. Even when Reaper does succeed in reaching a high ground position, these areas are often connected by catwalks that flow right into the enemy line of fire. As a result, the enemy team often has plenty of time to prepare or flee from a Reaper, causing his damage to go unused. All that to say, there are better damage hero options out there for this map.

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