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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Symmetra on each map, as well as a general ranking of Symmetra's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Symmetra


Symmetra on Hanamura

Symmetra has always been a strong pick on Hanamura, but when her kit changed and allowed her to place her Teleporter to let her team move through different map areas, she became even stronger. Symmetra and her Teleporter can be used to completely circumvent the traditional holding points of Hanamura defenses. For example, instead of having to break through the choke point before capture point A, Symmetra can use her Teleporter on attack to transport her whole team through the vantage point next to the choke point, thus making the choke point obsolete. Additionally, Symmetra can use her Teleporter on point B to set up all kinds of crazy attack paths or defense locations, and as we all know, surprising plays can throw off the enemy team.


Symmetra on Eichenwalde

Known as one of the deadliest choke points in the game, attackers cringe at the sight of the first Eichenwalde bridge. While some heroes struggle to get past the barricade, Symmetra can use her Teleporter to transport her whole team past the enemy defense and towards the first capture point. Additionally, Symmetra can plant Sentry Turret Icon Sentry Turrets near objectives on attack or defense depending on the team she is on. When past the fist capture point, Symmetra can help her team attack enemies who are on high ground by building a Teleporter near their position. Additionally, Symmetra's Photon Barrier Icon Photon Barrier can work wonders when defending her an her allies from enemy fire inside the last checkpoint where the fighting is mostly close-quarters.


Worst Map for Symmetra


Sombra on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Due to the size and various high ground areas of Watchpoint, you would think that Teleporter would be a great asset in assisting the team around the map. Although this point may be true, the size of the map works against every other aspect of Symmetra's kit. First, Symmetra needs close-quarters combat to build up her damage, but since Gibraltar lends itself to long distance engagements, building up Photon Projector damage is difficult. Second, many teams intentionally split from each other to fight skirmishes rather than have full-on teamfights, which means Symmetra will often find herself left unprotected unless her team is fairly coordinated. Third, Symmetra's Energy Ball Icon Energy Ball is almost impossible to land on a map this size. Fourth, Symmetra's enemies are likely to pick heroes with either high mobility or long-distance damage abilities, both of which counter Symmetra's abilities. As you can see, on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, the negatives of the rest of Symmetra's kit far outweighs the benefits of Symmetra's Teleporter.

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