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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Wrecking Ball on each map, as well as a general ranking of Wrecking Ball's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Wrecking Ball


Wrecking Ball on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Thanks to Wrecking Ball's Grappling Claw Icon Grappling Claw, Hammond is a threat to be feared on the largest map in the Overwatch universe. Many people like to main Widowmaker on Gibraltar's vast play area, but Wrecking Ball can easily harass and kill Widow if she is not a few feet from her team. Speaking of teams, players on Watchpoint often split from one another and skirmish with small groups of enemies. While that might be fine against a weak damage-dealing tank like Winston, this is a dangerous choice against a Wrecking Ball that knows what they are doing. Therefore, Watchpoint is undoubtedly one of the best maps for Wrecking Ball, and players who master his Grappling Claw Icon Grappling Claw are sure to have success on this map.


Wrecking Ball on Temple of Anubis

Temple of Anubis is a flanker's paradise, and there is no doubt Hammond can take advantage of that fact. Due to the tight corridors and multi-tiered play area, Hammond is a fantastic choice on attack, defense, capture point A, and capture point B. On capture point A, Hammond can use his Grappling Claw Icon Grappling Claw to flank enemies on either side of the fight, landing a Piledriver Icon Piledriver on healers when they least expect it. On point B, Hammond can use the bridge or pillars to knock enemies into his team or away from their allies, forcing split situations that he and his allies can follow up on. Additionally, Wrecking Ball can use these structures to sail through the air and take on an unsuspecting backliner before they have a chance to react.


Worst Map for Wrecking Ball


Wrecking Ball on Kings Row

While there are no maps Wrecking Ball is "bad" on thanks to his unmatched speed, Kings Row has the perfect medium-sized play areas that can really put a damper on Wrecking Ball's effectiveness. Maps that encourage players to stick together through their close-knit design can make finding targets a difficult prospect, especially when Wrecking Ball is trying to make these picks happen on his own. Additionally, while there are a few advantageous spots to place Minefield Icon Minefield, Hammond will only secure kills and deal damage with his ultimate thanks to the player's capability, rather than the map's layout. Therefore, while picking Hammond on Kings Row certainly is not the worst pick, therr are surely other picks that make more sense.

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