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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Sombra on each map, as well as a general ranking of Sombra's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Sombra


Sombra on Temple of Anubis

Like most flankers, Sombra thrives on close quarters combat and maps that hold a lot of different pathways to the objective. Attacking Sombra can use EMP Icon EMP on defending teams sitting on high ground between the spawn of the attackers and capture point A. Additionally, attacking Sombra gets great value out of EMP on capture point B due to the small size of the point. On defense, Sombra can use a well-timed EMP to disable a group of advancing attackers on either point A or point B. While still charging her ultimate, Sombra can use Stealth Icon Stealth to get behind the enemy frontline and try to pick supports who are split from their team. Last but not least, Sombra can significantly decrease the enemy team's (and simultaneously increase her own) healing by Hacking the health pack under the bridge near point B. Without this pack, enemy teams are greatly hindered from prolonging a fight (whether playing offense or defense) because enemy players cannot run under the bridge for 200 health.


Sombra on Eichenwalde

Known as one of the deadliest Choke Points in the game, attackers cringe at the sight of the first Eichenwalde choke. While some heroes struggle to get past the barricade, Sombra thrives on Stealth Icon Stealth and Translocator Icon Translocator to maneuver behind the enemy team. For the most secure flanking position, Sombra should Stealth Icon Stealth, use Translocator Icon Translocator to get on top of the bridge, and use the left staircase to descend into the health pack room. From their, Sombra can Hack enemy health packs and either attack a support or cause the enemy team to leave the choke to deal with Sombra as she captures point A. In either case, your presence takes the spotlight off of your team and allows them to push in more freely. On the second portion of the map, Sombra should look for enemies who are split from their team, as DPS heroes typically sit atop the abandoned fort and shoot at attackers below. Once securing the second point, Sombra should be able to disable at least three enemies with her EMP Icon EMP in the close-quarters layout of the castle. If communicating well, it is only a matter of time until the castle falls!


Worst Map for Sombra


Sombra on Nepal

Sombra is an interesting character in that she thrives on small close-quarters maps and can perform well on big maps if she can find the right picks. However, when playing Nepal, each of the three play areas gives Sombra a sizable disadvantage. Shrine has a giant pillar in the middle of the capture point that can stunt the effectiveness of EMP Icon EMP. On Sanctum, the play area has an awkward semi-open feel where Machine Pistol Icon Machine Pistol and Sombra's lack of mobility abilities mid-fire fight can feel underwhelming. Last but not least, Village lends itself to tight-knit grouping where teams are clumped from start to finish. While this proves beneficial for uses of EMP Icon EMP, Sombra can struggle to pull-off solo kills when enemies are on top of each other.

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