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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Genji on each map, as well as a general ranking of Genji's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Genji


Genji on Temple of Anubis

Temple of Anubis is traditionally seen as a perfect map for a dive composition on attack. Genji's ability to scale the walls of Temple of Anubis and quickly enter and exit a fight due to Cyber-Agility Icon Cyber-Agility is hard to pass up. Genji's mobility allows him to get past choke points and wreak havoc on enemies who are alone on high ground near Point A. On Point B, Temple of Anubis generally favors heroes that can fight up close and personal. Genji's Dragonblade Icon Dragonblade can easily kill three or four enemies if the opposing team is not quick to react to Genji's ultimate.


Genji on Hanamura

Hanamura: another place where Genji's Cyber-Agility Icon Cyber-Agility helps a lot on attack, Genji's old stomping grounds is a perfect place to utilize his ability to flank behind defensive choke points. Genji can easily slip past enemy defenses and attack Supports or harass Tanks from Point A. Additionally, Hanumara's Point B lends itself to defensive teams bunching up together in small areas. Many defensive teams attempt to hold high ground on Point B, and Genji's Dragonblade Icon Dragonblade can make quick work of a group of players who are not split. Furthermore, Hanamura's Point B is closed, and once enemies contest on the point, Genji can bob and weave through a defensive team who does not concentrate on killing the hometown-advantaged hero.


Worst Map for Genji


Genji on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

We believe a decent Genji can work well on all maps (dependent on team composition), but if we had to pick his worst map, it would have to be Watchpoint. While the multi-layer buildings of Watchpoint would seem to help Genji, the sheer size of the map can make Genji's abilities seem lackluster. His mobility is hindered by the huge play area, and Genjis are only rewarded on this map when their team is dedicated to the dive. With that said, we still think Genji is a fine pick in the right hands, but this is arguably his worst map.

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