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Introducing Our Last Epoch Launch Guides

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Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, Icy Veins has the perfect builds and guides for you to accompany you during your Last Epoch adventures!

Today is the official launch of Last Epoch, and beginning your journey through the world can be both exciting and challenging. To make sure that you can conquer the temporal chaos of Eterra with confidence, we have created various guides to help you during your adventure. No matter your level of experience, we have you covered with several builds for all classes and masteries, as well as general guides. You can access the section here.

Glyphs.pngBeginner Guides

For those stepping into the world of Last Epoch for the first time, our beginner guides are the perfect starting point. Learn about important game mechanics such as the campaign timelines, idols, and the difference between standard vs. cycle realms, as well as which classes you can pick from to start your leveling journey.

Starter Guides

Class Overviews

Leveling up Your Character

You can also find links to leveling builds for all class masteries in each of these general leveling builds.

In addition, we created an overview that includes all of the Last Epoch terminology that we use in our guides and which we believe requires further explanation.

Effect.pngBuild Guides

This is the most important part of our Last Epoch guides section, offering a variety of class-specific builds. Every page includes various builds to pick from, which highlight the unique strengths and playstyles of each build and provide all the information you need to become an expert in your chosen mastery.






Runes.png Endgame Guides

As you adventure through all Last Epoch has to offer, our endgame guides will help fill in the gaps for any questions left unanswered. Learn about the Monolith, Dungeons, and other endgame activities that await you.

If you want to create another character before tackling more difficult endgame challenges, you can skip the campaign and get to the endgame faster using our guide here:

Crafting.pngGeneral Guides

Beyond the battlefield, Last Epoch also has many other challenges and mysteries. Our general guides cover everything from a variety of game mechanics to item factions and crafting! 

Game Mechanics

While you are leveling up, you might want to start looking into how to optimize your build. To do so, you need to understand and use the game's mechanics to their full potential. To that end, here are some important guides that you will want to check out:

Crafting and Itemization

As you are playing, you will need to also upgrade your gear. Getting the best items for your character is an important step in any ARPG, as they will boost your power and allow you to progress further in the endgame. There are several things you can do to improve your gear:

Our guides will continuously be updated with each patch, and new guides are also added as additional game content becomes available. So remember to come back regularly for the latest information and tips!

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Can't wait to play Falconer soon! thanks for all the cool guides! they're always nicely understandable even for newbies like me! xD

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    • By Neviriah
      This week's Last Epoch patch includes some minor changes to multiplayer, bug fixes, skill updates, and more. Here is everything you need to know about it!
      If you have been waiting for the weekly Last Epoch patch, rest assured that it is officially live today. 
      Here is what you can expect from this patch:
      When teleporting to a team member that's inside an echo, you will now be placed in Echo of a World with the green portal to join at the time of your choosing. Additionally, when health is a fraction of 1, it will now always round up to 1 instead of rounding off, resulting in health sometimes displaying as 0.
      A number of general bug fixes have been deployed
      Several item tooltip fixes, including:
      Fixed a bug where opening / closing an item tooltip would have a drastic performance cost Fixed a bug where tooltip text could continue off the edge of the tooltip instead of wrapping Fixed a bug where some languages with a larger text height could be missing information on tooltips Fixed a bug where prefixes and suffixes had different line spacing on item tooltips Fixed a bug where some enemies were not displaying their top of screen health bars Fixed a bug where Shade of Orobyss’ “Starburst” ability would explode upon his death Fixed a bug where the falling rocks during the boss fight in Lightless Arbor could sometimes fail to display a telegraphing indicator before falling Fixed the invisible walls during the Elder Gaspar fight in The Chambers of Ruin, which could block projectiles Fixed a bug where Death’s Embrace’s Grim Harvest could trigger while at negative mana Fixed a bug where Enemy VFX could stop playing / freeze Fixed a bug where enemies would fail to play their death animation Fixed a bug where the B_Circle button would focus the action bar panel (skill bar) if it was previously selected Each class also received a certain number of fixes on different skills that were having issues:
      Fixed a bug where some skills, primarily traversal skills, would not work after a zone transition until using a different skill first. Fixed a bug where some scorpion enemies were unable to be targeted by Spirit Plague Fixed a bug where channeled movement skills could break if continued to be channeled after running into a wall Fixed a bug where every other use of Void Cleave with the Gravity’s Edge node (traversal) would have its hitbox at the start of the movement Fixed a bug where skills could stop working after closing a panel until the panel was closed a second time Fixed a bug where the player’s character was visible under the surface on certain locations during using of Synchronized Strike and Lethal Mirage Fixed a bug where Puncture’s Stay of Execution, and Detonating Arrow’s Aimed Shot nodes would play the VFX before the character animation when charged to max And lastly, a few bugs in multiplayer were fixed as well:
      Fixed an instance of a bug which could break all party interactions until re-logging Fixed a bug where players were unable to portal to other party members when both players were inside of an echo These bug fixes and changes were much needed and awaited by players, and they are improving the game in a very good way! The EHG team is continuing to work hard each week to provide more and more changes, and we are excited to see what the future holds!
      For a more detailed read of all the information, you can also head to the official forum post here: Last Epoch Patch 1.0.7 Notes
    • By Neviriah
      A new patch has been deployed for Last Epoch this week. The update adds more camera settings and controller keybinds, as well as some improved performances and bug fixes.
      Let's go over everything you need to know about Last Epoch's latest patch!
      Patch 1.0.6 was released yesterday, April 10th, 2024, and included the following system changes:
      Added Camera Smoothing options to settings: Normal (default/current), Low, and Off. Added functionality to Character Delete screen: The screen will now display the character class/mastery/level. When deleting a character, you are now required to enter the character name to confirm the deletion. The “B” button on controller can now be used to close keybind prompts. After binding a controller button, the cursor now re-focuses on the corresponding binding. Reduced gold turn-in reward for Desert Treasure from 20k to 2k. Added Buff Icon for Bone Armor (Acolyte). Improved performance when picking up Shards. Additionally, a number of bugs have been fixed:
      Fixed an issue where the Mage would T-pose during some animations. Fixed several cases of back-slot clipping and floating capes. Fixed a bug where the Sentinel idle animation with a 2H weapon would behave as if a shield was equipped. Regarding some of the issues with controller:
      Fixed a bug where if a panel was opened with keyboard and mouse, further button presses via controller would activate the assigned skills through the panel. Fixed a bug where when opening the bindings menu, or interacting with it, with a mouse, would result in the bindings disappearing. Fixed a number of bugs with rebinding controller configuration. Fixed a bug where players would continue to run in the direction of their last input if the game became unfocused while moving. A certain number of UI bugs have also been addressed:
      Fixed a bug where player health bars were not appearing in offline. Fixed a bug where Forged Weapons’ health bars could be displayed at top-of-screen instead of the boss’ health bar. Fixed missing Localization in the Gifting panel for resonances. Fixed a bug where Item Tooltips would get stuck when adding a new tab to the stash. Chat channels are now specific to cycle/non-cycle. Fixed a bug where Husk enemies would not have health bars. System bugs that got fixed:
      Fixed a bug in offline where players would not have full health, mana, and potions after logging in or reviving. Fixed a bug where invalid offhand items could be equipped from the forge (eg. catalyst with a bow). Fixed an issue where monolith quest progress would reset if you left the zone/server after starting, but before completing the quest chain. Finally, a good amount of skill bugs have been corrected:
      Fixed a bug where Bone Curse “Signet of Agony” node’s resulting aura would persist after de-speccing out of the skill. Fixed a bug where Erasing Strike’s “Ravenous Void” node’s void beams wouldn’t move in online play. Fixed a bug where Volcanic Orb could be cast in incorrect directions, such as flying up when the cursor was over top of a ridge line. Fixed a bug where if you teleported back to the monolith hub or rest area while a companion was downed, the revive UI would continue to persist even after being revived. Fixed a bug where Manifest Armor was not benefiting from Increased Area for Area Skills stats on items the player is wearing that are applied to Manifest Armor, such as on gloves. Fixed a bug where the Gathering Fury unique bow’s chance to repeat bow abilities was applying to non-bow abilities, and could kill the player if it repeated a Falcon ability. Fixed a bug where Boardman’s Plan’s chance to summon a Storm Totem on hit with Tempest Strike was not working. Fixed a bug where triggered instances of Tempest Strike were not benefiting from the Tempest Strike skill tree. Fixed a bug where Bone Curse’s Marrow Thief node would not grant 10% less damage taken. Fixed a bug where Death Seal’s Skeletal Sheath always granted Bone Armor for a fixed. duration, ignoring the duration Death Seal was active. Fixed a bug where Firebrand’s Galvanize node would disable Brand of Arcanus. Fixed a bug where Flame Rush could cause the player to become invisible. The team at Eleventh Hour Games also planned to include a fix for Death's Embrace, but they were unable to do it in time, therefore it has been delayed until next week's patch.
      You can find the official post on the Last Epoch forums here: Last Epoch Patch 1.0.6 Patch Notes
    • By Neviriah
      Eleventh Hour Games has shared how they are addressing gold exploits and real-money trading in Last Epoch, including the recent actions taken to safeguard the game's economy and maintain fair play.
      The Last Epoch team has raised concerns over a recent gold exploit and other general exploits within the game's online environment. Below, we will cover everything you need to know about the situation and the measures they are implementing to prevent it.
      Eleventh Hour Games has detected several recent exploits, particularly concerning gold, as well as real-money trading (RMT) within Last Epoch's online realm. The team is concerned about the use of these systems and plans to take immediate action if such activities are detected.
      Since the launch of Last Epoch 1.0, two significant exploits have emerged: item duplication through the bazaar (for which a fix has already been deployed) and a gold exploit, which has now also been addressed. 
      In response to the gold exploit, EHG is looking into gold transactions on accounts to identify and permanently ban everyone involved in illegal gold transfers, including buyers and sellers. 
      "We take exploits within Last Epoch very seriously and ensure that any time an exploit comes up, we give it our full and immediate attention." - Eleventh Hour Games
      While the methods of tracking these activities remain secret—to prevent exploiters from countering it—the Last Epoch team is actively banning accounts engaged in RMT services. The aim of this plan is to regulate the in-game economy and reduce inflation within the Merchant's Guild.
      Moving forward, Eleventh Hour Games is committed to not only responding quickly to emerging problems, but also actively preventing them. For more details on the steps taken, you can check the official forum post here: RMT and Exploit Statement
    • By Neviriah
      Yesterday, Last Epoch rolled out Patch 1.0.5, packed with a substantial number of bug fixes, updates to Monolith Ring icons and Announcement banners, as well as additional visual improvements, and much more!
      Here's everything you need know about the many updates and bug fixes that have been made:
      Monolith visuals and performance have been improved, along with several bug fixes Fixed a bug where some channeled movement skills such as Rampage could end abruptly in the Alpine Halls monolith echo Fixed issues with trees obscuring your view in the Hidden Oasis monolith echo Added a fix that will warn players when files must be verified. Fixed Loot filter toggle “X” sensitivity Fixed bugs where the following skills’ damage areas were not scaling with area modifiers from their trees or from items Abyssal Echoes Dancing Strikes (not all parts of the combo were affected by this bug) Erasing Strike (just the initial hit, not the void rifts) Forge Strike Healing Hands Necrotic Mortar (from Summoned Skeletal Mages) Reap (from Reaper Form) Fixed Passive and Skill Tree localization issues Updated visuals for Announcement banners Updated Unique Reward icon in Monoliths from Ring to a generic icon Added missing name to Graveyard Fixed a bug where items sold in Online mode were displaying original price in the “Buy Back” tab Fixed a bug preventing Defensive Conversions from displaying in the character sheet online Fixed a bug where Soul Embers would persist after the dungeon was completed Fixed a bug causing Void Despair to be invisible Fixed an error when leaving Offline mode Fixed a bug where players spawning into a new location would reveal part of the map too soon. The following changes have also been made to Skills and Passives:
      Fixed a bug where the player’s Falcon could fail to be unsummoned after the player has died Fixed a bug where Warpath would cause players to become stuck in place and unable to move Fixed a bug where Drain Life with Blood Pact and Ghostflame with Arteries of Malice would stop channeling when at very low current health Fixed a bug where Healing Hands was still scaling with cast speed instead of melee attack speed when Seraph Blade was allocated Fixed a bug where Gathering Storm was still scaling with melee attack speed instead of cast speed when wielding a staff and Lagonian Diplomacy was allocated Fixed a bug where Thunder Tempests from Tempest Strike’s Cloudburst Conduit could not hit enemies Fixed a bug where Added Spell Damage Affix with Tempest Strike did not work The grace period for your minions now ends when your own grace period ends Fixed a bug where attempts to cast minion-targeted abilities like Dread Shade on minions that were in grace period would always fail Fixed a bug where stationary minions would never leave grace period, resulting in them never attacking For more details and information, as well as updates on future patches, you can visit the official forum post here: Last Epoch Patch 1.0.5 Notes
    • By Neviriah
      Eleventh Hour Games shared an interesting recap of Last Epoch 1.0's first month! Check out the statistics for the most favored classes, masteries, and deadliest bosses!
      The release of Last Epoch's Version 1.0 30 days ago marked the beginning of an epic journey for many adventurers. This milestone allowed players to take on new quests, face challenging enemies, try out new classes and masteries, and explore the vast world of Eterra.
      Since the first month after launch is over, the Eleventh Hour Games team has provided insights into the adventurers’ experiences in Eterra. EHG released statistics on the number of players, highlighting the most popular classes and masteries, and revealing which boss is Eterra's deadliest enemy.
      To see all the details, you can check out the official post on X or directly on the images below.

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