Amara (Siren) Elemental Ricochet Skill Tree and Playstyle

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Welcome to the skill page of our Amara Elemental Ricochet build, where you will find the skills you need to pick up to play that build, as well as guidance on how to best use them.


Structure of This Guide

This Amara Elemental Ricochet build guide is split in 3 different pages. The other 2 pages are the build overview and the gear, which you can access by clicking the buttons below.


Skill Tree



Elemental Ricochet is a combo-oriented playstyle that sees you seeking out ideal targets in order to massacre enemies. The ideal target is typically the largest enemy you can find with as many enemies surrounding them as possible. When you have your target, you should use Ties that Bind Ties that Bind to grasp the target, linking them to nearby enemies, and begin shooting away. The build largely utilises Indiscriminate Indiscriminate, in addition to any ricochet effects from your weapons, to be able to simultaneously damage multiple targets and spread elemental damage from Wildfire Wildfire and Catharsis Catharsis. The combination of these damage effects will allow you to decimate any enemies you see, and even some you do not, in seconds.


Elemental Ricochet Skill Breakdown

  • Do Harm Do Harm—A single skill point in Do Harm means it is possible to gain additional Rush stacks from kills to power up your Violent Tapestry Violent Tapestry skill.
  • Violent Tapestry Violent Tapestry—Violent Tapestry utilises Rush stacks in order to give you a significantly higher chance to apply elemental effects and boost your overall damage output.
  • Infusion Infusion—Infusion converts a large portion of your gun damage to Elemental damage. As a result, it is an essential skill for committing to a full elemental build.
  • Tempest Tempest—Tempest is an important damage-boosting skill that rewards you for committing to elemental damage.
  • Indiscriminate Indiscriminate—Indiscriminate is a powerful skill when focusing on elemental effects. The ricochet effect it offers allows you to hit multiple targets with a single bullet, giving you a chance to apply your elemental damage to each target that is hit.
  • Sustainment Sustainment—Sustainment, as the name suggests, is your core survivability tool with this build. Once activated by your elemental damage, it allows you to Life Steal a portion of the damage you deal. When combined with the ricochet effect of Indiscriminate Indiscriminate, a single bullet can be enough to heal you to full health.
  • Conflux Conflux—Conflux allows you to greatly diversify your elemental damage by giving you a chance to add incendiary, shock, or corrosive DoT effects on your opponents, no matter what gun you use. Not only will this increase the number of DoT effects on your opponents, but it will also make sure you have a chance of inflicting damage of an element your target is weak against.

Action Skill, Augments, and Elements

Ties that Bind Ties that Bind is the Action Skill of choice for this build due to its natural synergy with its strategy. Grasping an enemy makes it significantly easier to consistently hit your target and will make any allies you play with love you for it. However, even more important is the bonus effect of chaining your target to nearby enemies, providing another means to damage multiple targets and spread your elemental damage even faster. Similar grasp effects can be gained from the alternative choices of The Eternal Fist The Eternal Fist, Fist Over Matter Fist Over Matter, and Phasegrasp Phasegrasp, but they do not offer as much potential to spread elemental effects. Phasecast Phasecast, Deliverance Deliverance, and Phaseslam Phaseslam are not worth considering due to lack of bonuses to Action Skill Damage in this build.

Allure Allure is the chosen Action Skill Augment for this build as it naturally adds more crowd control while also grouping up enemies for AoE damage. The only other alternative, Soul Sap Soul Sap is not viable due to Ties that Bind Ties that Bind dealing no damage.

The Shock Action Skill Element has been used for this build due to the additional Shock damage bonus given from Tempest Tempest. However, you can freely use Soulfire Soulfire to switch to Incendiary damage if you are encountering a lot of flesh enemies.


Alternative Skill choices

  • Laid Bare Laid Bare—Skill points can be taken from Wildfire Wildfire, and three of those added to Fast Hand(s) Fast Hand(s) before adding the remaining two to Laid Bare if you wish to increase damage against bosses. The skill takes advantage of the Action Skill Damage dealt to Phasegrasp-immune targets and turns it into a temporary party-wide damage boost.
  • Clarity Clarity and Helping Hand(s) Helping Hand(s)—If you are struggling with survivability, you can take all points out of your Mystical Assault skill tree and put them into Clarity and Helping Hand(s). This will allow you to turn the constant use of your Ties that Bind Ties that Bind abiility into a constant source of damage reduction.


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