Amara (Siren) Phaseslam Melee Skill Tree and Playstyle

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Welcome to the skill page of our Amara Phaseslam Melee build, where you will find the skills you need to pick up to play that build, as well as guidance on how to best use them.


Structure of This Guide

This Amara Phaseslam Melee build guide is split in 3 different pages. The other 2 pages are the build overview and the gear, which you can access by clicking the buttons below.


Skill Tree



Phaseslam Melee has an action-packed playstyle that will always have things for you to be doing during combat. You should primarily be using Phaseslam Phaseslam whenever it is off cooldown to gain the defensive benefits of Samsara Samsara and Helping Hand(s) Helping Hand(s). Additionally, AoE damage caused by the ability will help weaken enemies for future melee kills.

While Phaseslam is on cooldown, you should be looking to close the gap on enemies for your melee attacks, while trying to hit as many targets as possible for Samsara stacks. Where possible, you should try to melee targets that you can kill in one attack, allowing you to maintain the benefits of your Blitz Blitz skill. If there are no weak targets available, you can start taking down larger enemies by staying in melee range and using your melee attacks as often as possible.


Phaseslam Melee Skill Breakdown

  • Samsara Samsara — Samsara adds a significant amount of healing to your Action Skill and can provide you with essential healing when you cannot charge your shield.
  • Mindfulness Mindfulness — Mindfulness is a dual-purpose skill that benefits from the frequent damage you will be taking, making your shields start to charge faster and providing movement speed to quickly move toward your enemies.
  • Find Your Center Find Your Center — This skill provides you a significant boost in melee damage and is the first of many skills that makes meleeing opponents viable.
  • Blitz Blitz — Blitz is the key skill this build is made around. It provides a large boost in melee damage and adds a powerful dash to your melee attacks, allowing you to lunge at your opponents from a much larger distance.
  • Restless Restless — This provides a large cooldown reduction for your Phaseslam, allowing it to be used more frequently to weaken opponents and trigger other skills.
  • Ascendant Ascendant — Ascendant boosts the AoE effect of your Phaseslam, increasing your damage output and weakening more enemies for your melee attacks.
  • Illuminated Fist Illuminated Fist — Illuminated Fist is the final skill that provides you with additional melee damage. Taking this skill also unlocks Soulfire, giving you the option to change your Action Skill Element to Incendiary damage.

Action Skill, Augments, and Elements

The Phaseslam Phaseslam Action Skill is naturally the best fit for this build, due to it being a strong action skill that only works are close range. There is no alternative action skill that fits the style of this build.

Revelation Revelation is the Action Skill Augment of choice for this build to add a bit more AoE damage and improve Phaseslam, as well as weaken enemies so they can be finished off by Blitz melee attacks. Stillness of Mind Stillness of Mind is not a viable alternative, as the Phaselock effect caused by the ability can be detrimental when your aim is to melee opponents. Glamour Glamour is alternative effect that could be considered, if not for the fact it will increase the cooldown of your action skills, reducing the effectiveness of essential effects like Samsara Samsara. The last choice, Soul Sap Soul Sap, can optionally be used if you are struggling with survivability and can benefit from additional healing.

The Incendiary Action Skill Element has been chosen for this build, due to the abundance of Flesh enemies in the game. However, due to the build dipping into all 3 skill trees, you can freely change the Element to Corrosive, or leave it as the default Shock damage if you are dealing with many Armored or Shielded enemies.


Alternative Skill choices

  • Root to Rise Root to Rise — Skill points can be transferred from Clarity Clarity to Root to Rise as you see fit. Switching between these two skills allows you to strike a balance between Max Health and Health Regeneration.
  • Arms Deal Arms Deal — If you are facing large amounts of splash damage, you can opt to put extra skill points into Arms Deal. Points can be taken out of either One With Nature One With Nature or Helping Hand(s) Helping Hand(s) for this.


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