Amara (Siren) Phasecast Gunmara Skill Tree and Playstyle

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Welcome to the skill page of our Amara Phasecast Gunmara build, where you will find the skills you need to pick up to play that build, as well as guidance on how to best use them.


Structure of This Guide

This Amara Phasecast Gunmara build guide is split in 3 different pages. The other 2 pages are the build overview and the gear, which you can access by clicking the buttons below.


Skill Tree


Phasecast Gunmara Skill Breakdown

  • Do Harm Do Harm—Do Harm turns the Rush stacks naturally generated by various skills in the Mystical Assault tree into a nice damage boost for your action skill.
  • Restless Restless—Restless is an essential skill for this build that lowers the cooldown of your Action Skill, allowing you to deal much more damage with it and benefit from its on-use buffs more often.
  • Laid Bare Laid Bare—Laid Bare takes advantage of the damage dealt by your Action Skill to provide a damage boost for you and your team against any targets it damages.
  • Wrath Wrath—Wrath is your main damage-boosting skill and is what enables this build to excel at dealing damage with guns.
  • Avatar Avatar—Avatar is the final skill in the Mystical Assault Tree and helps tie the build together. Being able to use your Action Skill twice per cooldown will allow you to get up to double damage from your skill and increase the amount of time you will benefit from on-use buffs.
  • Infusion Infusion—Infusion converts a large portion of your gun damage to Elemental damage. It allows you to turn a significant portion of your gun damage into elemental damage, changeable with your Action Skill Element, to more easily exploit the weaknesses of enemies.
  • Tempest Tempest—Tempest pairs excellently with the portion of your gun damage converted to Elemental Damage through Infusion Infusion.
  • Indiscriminate Indiscriminate—Indiscriminate turns your single-target damage into light AoE damage by ricocheting some of your bullets to nearby enemies.

Action Skill, Augments, and Elements

Deliverance Deliverance is the Action Skill of choice for this build as it offers the most damage for a single target. However, due to the similarities between all of the skills in the Mystical Assault skill tree, all of the alternatives being viable, especially Reverberation Reverberation and Tandava Tandava against multiple targets. In some cases, you may even opt for Ties that Bind Ties that Bind or Phasegrasp Phasegrasp against a single target. These will help you, and more importantly your teammates, lock down a single target to allow you to delivery critical hits with ease.

The Soul Sap Soul Sap Action Skill Augment is used for this build as the healing sources used by other builds, like Samsara Samsara and Sustainment Sustainment, are unreachable with the skill choices used in this build. If you have adequate healing provided by gear you are currently using, you can choose the Stillness of Mind Stillness of Mind Augment as an alternative, but this is generally inadvisable.

The Shock Action Skill Element has been used for this build due to the additional Shock damage bonus given from Tempest Tempest. However, you can freely use Soulfire Soulfire to switch this to Incendiary damage if you are encountering a large amount of flesh enemies.


Alternative Skill choices

  • Alacrity Alacrity—Additional skill points can be put into Alacrity from Do Harm Do Harm. This will lower the damage of you Action Skill but you may find this useful if you are using a gun that requires reloading frequently.
  • Ascendant Ascendant—You can choose to spend a point in Ascendant if you wish to boost the healing effect of Soul Sap Soul Sap. A point can be taken out of Alacrity Alacrity or Do Harm Do Harm for this.
  • Clarity Clarity and Helping Hand(s) Helping Hand(s)—If you are struggling with survivability, you can use Clarity and Helping Hand(s) for survival. In order to accommodate this you can remove skill points from Indiscriminate Indiscriminate, Deep Well Deep Well, and Anima Anima.


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