Fl4k (Beastmaster) Fade Away Crit Damage Skill Tree and Playstyle

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Welcome to the skill page of our Fl4k Fade Away Crit Damage build, where you will find the skills you need to pick up to play that build, as well as guidance on how to best use them.


Structure of This Guide

This Fl4k Fade Away Crit Damage build guide is split in 3 different pages. The other 2 pages are the build overview and the gear, which you can access by clicking the buttons below.


Skill Tree


Fade Away Crit Damage Skill Breakdown

  • Lick the Wounds Lick the Wounds—Lick the Wounds is a quality-of-life skill that gives you an additional safety net when facing dangerous bosses. This is one of the few skills in the build that does not provide a boost in damage, but spending the skill point is necessary in order to progress down the skill tree.
  • Turn Tail and Run Turn Tail and Run—Turn Tail and Run provides a damage boost while stationary and damage reduction while moving. When doing your burst damage with Fade Away Fade Away you should try to be stationary as much as possible in order to benefit from this skill.
  • The Fast and the Furryous The Fast and the Furryous—The Fast and the Furryous gives you a nice boost in damage while you are above 50% health. This is an additional reason to avoid unnecessary damage and heal up if your health drops too low.
  • Persistence Hunter Persistence Hunter—Persistence Hunter is a perfect fit for this build, providing Gun Damage while also increasing the duration of your Fade Away Fade Away. Unfortunately, due to points being needed for essential skills in the Stalker and Hunter skill tree, a third point is not available for this skill.
  • Leave No Trace Leave No Trace—Leave No Trace is an essential skill that adds ammo directly to your weapon's magazine after a critical hit. This will greatly increase the amount of bullets you can fire before reloading during Fade Away Fade Away, resulting in a respectable damage boost.
  • Head Count Head Count—Head Count provides a large reduction in Action Skill Cooldown through critical hits. This will significantly reduce the downtime of Fade Away Fade Away, increasing the frequency of your burst damage.
  • Hunter's Eye Hunter's Eye—Hunter's Eye provides small bonuses based on the type of enemy you are facing. This skill is primarily used for boss-killing due to its synergy with the Bounty Hunter Class Mod.
  • The Most Dangerous Game The Most Dangerous Game—This skill provides a sizable damage boost against enemies providing you are able to regularly kill Badass, or stronger, enemies. Against bosses, this bonus can be triggered through the Bounty Hunter Class Mod.
  • Megavore Megavore—Megavore is the final skill for this build and provide a passive critical hit chance against enemies, no matter where you hit. This does not improve your burst-damage directly, but makes it significantly easier to reduce the cooldown of Fade Away Fade Away by triggering your Head Count Head Count skill more often.

Action Skill, Augments, and Pets

Fade Away Fade Away is the essential Action Skill that this build is formed around. It provides you with a source of consistent critical hits to utilise most of your skills and therefore no other Action Skill choices are viable.

The Action Skill Augments used in this build are Guerrillas in the Mist Guerrillas in the Mist and Unblinking Eye Unblinking Eye. Guerrillas in the Mist is an essential choice that greatly empowers Fade Away Fade Away, providing critical hits for the Augment's duration. The alternative choices, Not My Circus Not My Circus and Until You Are Dead Until You Are Dead, provide defensive abilities that do not support the burst-damage strategy of this build.

Gunslinger Jabber Gunslinger Jabber is the pet used for this build due to the Critical Hit Damage it offers in addition to a small movement speed bonus. However, most pet options are reasonable for this build. Guard Skag Guard Skag can be used as an alternative for a flat damage boost, or you can use Spiderant Scorcher Spiderant Scorcher if you are using a weapon that deals a large amount of elemental damage.


Alternative Skill choices

  • The Power Inside The Power Inside—The Power Inside can be chosen as an alternative skill choice to Megavore Megavore. This will add even more burst damage when Fade Away Fade Away is activated at the expense of the passive critical hit chance of Megavore. This option is better against bosses, where critical hits are almost guaranteed, but less effective for general use. In order to facilitate this change, you can remove 1 point from Persistence Hunter Persistence Hunter and a total 4 points from the Hunter skill tree, with up to 2 points from Hunter's Eye Hunter's Eye and up to 3 points from Big Game Big Game, and put 3 points into Hidden Machine Hidden Machine and 2 points into Self-Repairing System Self-Repairing System.
  • Sic 'Em Sic 'Em/All My BFF's All My BFF's—When trying to reach the 4th row of the Stalker Skill Tree, you can optionally put a point in Sic 'Em or All My BFF's instead of Self-Repairing System Self-Repairing System.
  • Interplanetary Stalker Interplanetary Stalker—If you are in situations where you do not need the additional ammo generation of Leave No Trace Leave No Trace, such as when using guns that generate ammo on crit, you can shift the points from Leave No Trade to Interplanetary Stalker instead.


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