Fl4k (Beastmaster) Rakk Attack BiS Gear and Stat Priorities

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Welcome to the gear page of our Fl4k Rakk Attack build, where you will find the best-in-slot gear for that build and the stat priority you need to follow for each slot.


Structure of This Guide

This Fl4k Rakk Attack build guide is split in 3 different pages. The other 2 pages are the build overview and the skills, which you can access by clicking the buttons below.


Best-in-slot Gear

This build draws some of its damage from its Action Skill, making it one of the less weapon-reliant builds out there. In general, you should just be looking for weapons that are strong in general to support the build.

For your primary weapon slot, you should look for a high magazine-capacity weapon with good overall damage. The ideal candidates for this slot are a Rowan's Call or a Lucian's Call. These assault rifles have good overall damage and come with the added bonuses or refunding ammo and ricocheting bullets when you crit, allowing you to fire for a longer time before reloading. A strong alternative to these is the Crossroad SMG that is great for bursting down targets on the move after using your Rakk Attack! Rakk Attack!. Having multiple of these guns equipped with different elements will also help you against Mayhem modifiers in the late game in situations when your primary element is weaker.

In your second weapon slot, you should try to find a burst damage weapon to deal with tougher enemies and bosses. Lyuda is the best overall choice for this due to the high rate of fire and damage per shot. However, it will run out of ammo very quickly and should therefore only be used when necessary. Alternatively, you can look for a copy of a King's Call/Queen's Call pistol. The gun has a very small magazine size, but refunds ammo to your magazine if you achieve a critical hit. This makes the gun better in situations where you can guarantee crits, such as against bosses, but worse than the Lyuda otherwise.

For Class Mods, Cosmic Stalker is the best choice for this build. The passive boost to your Hunter Skills provides a nice boost to your overall damage. You should also aim for as many additional points in Interplanetary Stalker Interplanetary Stalker as possible on your Class Mod as this is one of the strongest skills used in this build.

In your Artifact slot, you should look for an option with a strong on-kill effect. Therefore, you should look for a Otto Idol for healing or Victory Rush for bonus damage after you kill an enemy, depending which you feel you need more. In addition to this, you should look for strong secondary effects on your artifact, the strongest of which are Skill Cooldown Rate and Incendiary Damage.

For this build, the most important part of your shield choice is a bonus anointed affix, which will be discussed below. If you have multiple choices that meet this criterion, you should look for the strongest defensive option available. The Transformer is this optimal choice for the task at hand. Not only does the shield absorb Shock damage from your enemies, but it gives you the ability to heal yourself with your own self-inflicted Shock damage. Alternatively, you can choose to use the Stop-Gap shield. While this option lacks the healing like The Transformer, it provides a nice immunity effect when your shield is depleted, giving you time to heal back up.

In this build Grenade Mods are not used for damage as there are no skills chosen that really boost them; instead, they serve as an alternative source of healing. If you are using a The Transformer Shield, you should try to find yourself a Grenade Mod that deals large amounts of Shock damage to heal yourself, with Fastball being the best option for this. Alternatively you can use Tran-fusion, which can be used for its lifesteal effect to directly restore your health.


Anointed Rolls

Anointed rolls are special additional effects that can appear on weapons and shields at higher levels. The special effects relate to the use of action skills and provide powerful temporary buffs.

As this build makes use of Action Skills frequently, anointed rolls are a very important part of this build. The best option for your weapon and shield is 'On Action Skill End, Weapon Damage is increased by 100% for a short time'. Through consistent Action Skill usage, you will be able to keep this damage bonus up at all times.

Alternatively, you can use 'Enemies damage by Rakk Attack! take 100% increased damage for a short time'. This will provide a damage boost from all sources but is limited to one target. This option is therefore better against stronger enemies, such as bosses, but is ineffective against weak enemies that will die quickly.


Best-in-slot Gear and Stat Priority List

Slot Item Special Effect Secondary Stat/Effect Priority
Weapon 1
  1. Lucian's Call
  2. Rowan's Call
  3. Crossroad
  1. Critical hits ricochet 2 bullets and return 2 bullets to your magazine.
  2. Critical hits ricochet 2 bullets and return 2 bullets to your magazine.
  3. Fires 4 projectiles per shot. Consumes 2 ammo per shot.
  1. Weapon Damage
  2. Weapon Fire Rate
  3. Critical Hit Damage
Weapon 2
  1. Lyuda
  2. King's Call/Queen's Call
  1. Spawns 2 additional projectiles.
  2. Critical hits ricochet 3 bullets and return 3 bullets to your magazine.
  1. Weapon Damage
  2. Critical Hit Damage
  3. Weapon Fire Rate
  1. The Transformer
  2. Stop-Gap
  1. Absorbs all Shock damage.
  2. Provides 5 seconds of immunity after shield breaks.
  1. Max Health
Class Mod
  1. Cosmic Stalker
  1. Interplanetary Stalker Interplanetary Stalker skill points
  2. Manufacturer-type Damage
  3. Weapon-type Damage
  1. Victory Rush
  2. Otto Idol
  1. Bonus Move Speed and Damage after killing a badass enemy.
  2. Restores Health after killing enemy.
  1. Elemental Damage
  2. Elemental Resistance
Grenade Mod
  1. Fastball
  2. Tran-fusion
  1. Fast. Explodes on impact.
  2. Heals for 120% of damage dealt.
  1. Shock Damage (If using The Transformer)
  2. Grenade Splits
  3. Spawns MIRV grenades


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