Amara (Siren) Spiritual Driver Movement Speed Skill Tree and Playstyle

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Welcome to the skill page of our Amara Spiritual Driver Movement Speed build, where you will find the skills you need to pick up to play that build, as well as guidance on how to best use them.


Structure of This Guide

This Amara Spiritual Driver Movement Speed build guide is split in 3 different pages. The other 2 pages are the build overview and the gear, which you can access by clicking the buttons below.


Skill Tree



This Spiritual Driver Movement Speed build takes advantage of the effects of the Spiritual Driver Class Mod. By repeatedly using Action Skills, it is possible to maintain a small self-inflicted Damage-Over-Time effect at all times. This damage is used in combination with the Mindfulness Mindfulness skill to generate large amounts of movement speed. This movement speed generates bonus is then turned into bonus damage, which results in a very fast and very high damage build.

This Spiritual Driver Movement Speed build is heavily reliant on maintaining a high movement speed to remain effective. Whether fighting enemies or running between locations, you should be frequently using your Action Skill. This will trigger the passive effect of the Spiritual Driver Class Mod to damage yourself, which will then boost your movement speed via the Mindfulness Mindfulness Skill. For your Action Skill usage, you should use any Phasegrasp Phasegrasp-derived option, while aiming away from any enemies. This will instantly refund your Action Skill cooldown, while still triggering your self-damaging effect as well as any anointments and will allow you to consistently benefit from them. With the movement speed in effect, you can quickly move between areas and deal bonus damage to enemies based on how fast your are moving.


Spiritual Driver Movement Speed Skill Breakdown

  • Helping Hand(s) Helping Hand(s)—Helping Hand(s) provides a large damage reduction after using your Action Skill. This become a permanent damage reduction when paired with the frequency in which this build uses its Action Skill.
  • Mindfulness Mindfulness—Mindfulness is the essential skill in this build that provides this build with the necessary movement speed to be effective.
  • Guardian Angel Guardian Angel—Guardian Angel is a powerful quality of life tool that adds some additional survivability. While the skill is not essential, the skill is easy to pick up after investing into Mindfulness Mindfulness.
  • Infusion Infusion—Infusion complements this build's use of gun damage by allowing non-elemental weapon to be used effectively and gain bonus damage from Tempest Tempest.
  • Indiscriminate Indiscriminate—Indiscriminate is a powerful skill for any Amara build that can make quick work of groups of enemies when paired with guns like Projectile Recursion.
  • Sustainment Sustainment—Sustainment, as the name suggests, is your core survivability tool with this build. Once activated by your elemental damage, it allows you to Life Steal a portion of the damage you deal. When combined with the ricochet effect of Indiscriminate Indiscriminate, a single bullet can be enough to heal you to full health.
  • Forceful Expression Forceful Expression—Forceful Expression provides a nice flat boost in damage to top off the already-high gun damage this build can deal.

Action Skill, Augments, and Elements

The specific Action Skill used in this build is not very important. The only requirement is that it is Phasegrasp Phasegrasp-derived so that it can be used when there is no target in order to instantly refund its cooldown. That being said, this build opts with the option of Ties that Bind Ties that Bind due to its utility when it comes to dealing with groups of enemies, should you feel the need to use it, however, these situations are quite rare and therefore Phasegrasp Phasegrasp and Fist Over Matter Fist Over Matter are both perfectly fine to use as well.

Allure Allure is the chosen Action Skill Augment for this build. Much like the specific Action Skill choice, the Augment chosen is not very important for this build either. However, Allure offers a little bit of utility while not increasing Action Skill Cooldown like the alternative choice of Glamour Glamour, making it the stronger choice.

Your Action Skill with this build will almost never deal any damage, which means your Action Skill Element is primarily used to influence the damage from Infusion Infusion and Forceful Expression Forceful Expression. The Shock Action Skill Element has been used for this build due to the additional Shock damage bonus given from Tempest Tempest. However, you can freely use Soulfire Soulfire to switch to Incendiary damage or Blight Tiger Blight Tiger for Corrosive damage to adjust your damage to your opponent's Armor type.


Alternative Skill choices

  • Clarity Clarity—Clarity gives a reasonable amount of Health regeneration for the Skill Point investment. However, this build has massive amounts of sustain with Sustainment Sustainment, making it much better to have additional Health from Root to Rise Root to Rise instead.
  • Personal Space Personal Space—Personal Space can provide a small damage bonus based on your distance to your enemy. However, as you will be constantly moving around so much, you will have no way to guarantee how close you will be to enemies to get value from this skill.
  • Samsara Samsara—Samsara is a generally strong skill for Amara. However, as this build specifically does not use its Action Skill on enemies, it is not possible to gain the benefits from this skill.
  • Anima Anima—As this build focuses on gun damage rather than Elemental effects, Anima is not a strong choice for this build. However, if you are absolutely certain you will not be using non-elemental weapons, you can put skill points into Anima instead of Infusion Infusion.


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