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Off-Meta Spotlight Shows Off Control Beaters

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Despite the age of the K&C meta, there is still plenty of room for innovation and experimentation in the aging meta.

With the release of The Witchwood looming on the horizon our days with the K&C metagame are numbered. Despite the fact that we've had more than 3 months to "solve" this set's metagame, Blizzard's most recent Off-Meta Spotlight highlights the fact that this meta still has plenty of life.

The spotlight covers three decks which do not see widespread play, but have been performing well at the higher ranks of Legend nonetheless. The thread connecting all three of these decks is their strength against control decks, which tend to become more and more prevalent as you climb the ranks of the ladder. If you're currently struggling against control decks, you could do a lot worse than to try out one of these three off-meta lists:





Quest Mage has always been known as a control beater, but the deck's reliance on specific combo pieces leaves it vulnerable to Dirty Rat, Gnomeferatu, and other mill effects. Fingon found a way to make a Quest Mage deck with a much slimmer and more resilient OTK package to counteract these weakness, using AlexstraszaArcane Giant, Zola the Gorgon (used to copy giants) to OTK with Open the Waygate. This affords the deck much more room for anti-aggro cards, including Dragon's FuryArcane Artificer, and Frost Lich Jaina, which there would never be room for in an Archmage Antonidas build. The fact that this deck has the tools to fight aggro and to OTK against control gives it game against the majority of decks in the current meta, but the highly interactive and dynamic nature of this deck makes it quite a tricky one to pilot optimally.

As a totally unapologetic lover of dirty combos, this deck has totally inspired me dust off Open the Waygate to see if I can punish all those Rin, the First Disciple decks running around. 



Deck Code: AAECAaIHBooHqAj1uwK5vwKA0wK77wIMxAHtAssDzQP4B4YJqa8CgcICqc0Csc4C5dEC2+MCAA==


Kingsbane Mill Rogue is one of the very best control-beaters in the current meta, and Suimin's build of the deck has been built to maximize on that. The controversial inclusions here are the Southsea Squidfaces, which are being played over a second Naga Corsair and Captain Greenskin. Squidfaces are stronger against Explosive Runes and offer more potential for burst with the Kingsbane, but the extra point of durability offered by Captain Greenskin makes the card a little too tempting for me to pass up. This build of the deck is probably better for the current metagame than Gallon's old build of it (which I discussed as a strong option for the upcoming metagame in February), as Valeera the Hollow offers the deck explosive potential with Deadly Poison, but I can't help but feel as though Captain Greenskin deserves a spot in the list.





Zetalot was able to build another anti-aggro deck with an OTK in it for beating control. This one features Prophet VelenMind Blast, and Shadowreaper Anduin, supplemented by the rarely played Gilded Gargoyle. This deck is very spiritually similar to Fingon's OTK Mage above, as the OTK package is slim while the anti-aggro tools are extensive.

Dude Paladin giving you problems? Then why not run every board wipe in the Priest arsenal? Two Duskbreaker, two Dragonfire Potion, and two Psychic Screams mean that wide boards shouldn't be a problem for this deck. Spirit Lash could be another cute inclusion to fight Silver Hand Recruits, but I don't think the decks needs it. Six board wipes should be plenty to fight aggro, making this an excellent choice for aggro-heavy local metas.

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Maybe you should mention that all of these three decks will be pretty much dead with the next rotation. So even if they are effective and might look tempting I would not invest dust into it, unless it's just a bit and/or for cards which will not rotate out and may remain strong.

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