Zane (Operative) Double Trouble Build Gear

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Welcome to the gear page of our Double Trouble Zane build, where you will find the best-in-slot gear for that build and the stat priority you need to follow for each slot.


Structure of This Guide

This Double Trouble Zane build guide is split in 3 different pages. The other 2 pages are the build overview and the skills, which you can access by clicking the buttons below.


Best-in-slot Gear

While the build can be played with virtually any weapon, some offer certain synergies that elevate the potential due to their alternate fire mode or the behaviour of the gun itself.

As a general rule, it is advisable to run with different element weapons to cover any possible combination of enemy health bars, specifically:

  • An Incendiary weapon to deal with flesh (red health bars)
  • A Shock or Radiation weapon to deal with shields (blue health bars)
  • A Corrosive or Cryo weapon to deal with armor (yellow health bars)

It would not have been a Digi-Clone build without mentioning Grease Trap from Revenge of the Cartel event. Taking advantage of Clone always firing with the primary mode, you can switch to the secondary and drench targets while the Digi-Clone deletes them; an extremely effective boss killer option.

Second option is yet another weapon that can be used to debuff targets but it is best not used on Clone as its damage is nothing exciting, and that is DLC4 Blind Sage.

Launchers are among the strongest choices, especially due the fact the Clone will never finish ammo. Backburner and Plaguebearer both offer high DoT damage coupled with the ability to hit multiple targets with each shot, making them a very powerful choice, but be mindful that any kind of friendly fire can also damage the clone.

A criminally underrated weapon in the hand of the clone, DLC3 Complex Root offers strong mobbing potential with a much higher effective range compared to most weapon types. It is generally best fired from the hip, as sniper rifle optics tend to zoom in too much, reducing peripheral vision and making tracking close targets very difficult. To nullify the AoE friendly fire (which can often outright down the player) is advisable to run either Shock or Radiation, based on the shield choice. Similarly, the DLC2 shotgun Nothingness offers a closer range option.

While not having particular synergies, good weapons like DLC3 Light Show, Beacon, DLC4 Blood-Starved Beast and Revenge of the Cartel O.P.Q. System are all fantastic choices.

Honorable mention goes to DLC2 Anarchy, with the only negative note that the Clone has to stack the gun by itself.

For Class Mods, DLC1 Seein' Dead is by far the best choice for Zane. Alternatively Executor is the best vanilla option.

Regarding Artifact choice, the Snowdrift affix is preferable, due to the added mobility and synergy with Violent Momentum Violent Momentum but Icebreaker can also be an option. The best legendary Artifacts are Victory Rush for even more damage or Otto Idol for more survivability.

Defensive mods are usually the preferred shield choice, with The Transformer and Red Suit allowing Drone to make use of AoE weapons without the risk of self harm. Maliwan Takedown Version 0.m is best used to burn down single bosses with launchers. DLC4 Plus Ultra and Faulty Star or Big Boom Blaster are also worth considering.

Grenades are mostly taken for their utility: It's Piss, can debuff targets additionally and Recurring Cryo or Radiation Hex will ensure a high uptime on Seein' Dead.


Anointed Rolls

Anointed rolls are special additional effects that can appear on weapons and shields at higher levels. The special effects relate to the use of action skills and provide powerful temporary buffs.

Due to plenty of Gun damage available already through talents and the fact that Clone will not be affected by Gun Damage multipliers, the best options are:

  • 'On Action Skill End, Splash Damage is increased by 200% for a short time' when using launchers or splash damage weapons.
  • 'While SNTNL is active, Gain 100% of damage as bonus Cryo damage' if using SNTNL instead of Barrier.
  • 'While Barrier is active, Accuracy is increased by 60%, and Critical Hit damage is increased by 70%'

For Shields and Grenade you want instead two of the following Anointments with different elements (two identical Anointments wont stack):

  • 'On Action Skill End, gain 50% bonus Incendiary Damage with Weapons for 10 seconds.'
  • 'On Action Skill End, gain 50% bonus Shock Damage with Weapons for 10 seconds.'
  • 'On Action Skill End, gain 50% bonus Corrosive Damage with Weapons for 10 seconds.'
  • 'On Action Skill End, gain 50% bonus Cryo Damage with Weapons for 10 seconds.'
  • 'On Action Skill End, gain 50% bonus Radioactive Damage with Weapons for 10 seconds.'

Alternative Gear from Missions

This build utilises strong general weapons that can drop anywhere in the game. Therefore there are no specific mission drops to support this build.


Best-in-slot Items and Their Stat Priority

Slot Item Special Effect Secondary Stat/Effect Priority
Weapon 1 Grease Trap Primary fire mode deals high elemental Fire damage, Secondary mode deals Radiation and debuffs the target. % Weapon Damage
Weapon 2 Complex Root Projectile leaves a zig zag trail than explodes after for high AoE damage.
  1. % Weapon Damage
  2. Shock Damage
  3. Radiation Damage
Weapon 3 Blind Sage Damage applies 8s debuff making target explode for elemental damage. Weapon Charge Speed
Weapon 4 Backburner Shoots slow moving orbs that will spawn additional mirv projectiles on contact. % Weapon Damage
  1. The Transformer
  2. Red Suit
  1. Absorbs all Shock damage and convert it into Shields.
  2. Immunity from Radiation damage.
  1. Chance to absorb projectiles
Class Mod Seein' Dead As many points in Donnybrook Donnybrook as possible
  1. % Weapon Charge Speed
  2. % Weapon Damage
  3. % Elemental Damage
  1. Victory Rush
  2. Otto Idol
  1. Bonus damage and movement speed for 60 seconds after killing a badass.
  2. Recover 13% max health after killing an enemy.
  1. % Area of Effect Damage
  2. % Magazine Size
  3. % Elemental Damage
Grenade Mod
  1. It's Piss
  2. Hex
  1. Clear status effect on allies and debuff enemies with 20% increased damage taken.
  2. Homing grenade that will fire beams at any nearby target.
  1. Recurring variant


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