Best Alliance Races for DPS Rogues

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On this page, you will find rankings of Alliance races for DPS Rogues (for both PvE and PvP content), as well as detailed explanations of what each Alliance race brings for DPS Rogues.


Alliance Race Rankings for PvE

  1. Human
  2. Night Elf
  3. Gnome
  4. Dwarf

If you are interested in PvE content, please refer to our dedicated Rogue guide.


Alliance Race Rankings For PvP

  1. Gnome
  2. Dwarf
  3. Night Elf
  4. Human

If you are interested in PvP content, please refer to our dedicated Rogue guide.



Humans are the best race for Alliance PvE and raiding, mainly because of the racial passive Sword Specialization Icon Sword Specialization with the Combat Swords build. This will allow you to go over the 300 Weapon Skill cap at Level 60, which will further reduce your chance to miss an attack or get blocked, dodged, or parried. You will also gain the Racial cooldown Perception Icon Perception, which is great against other Rogues that are Stealth Icon Stealthed, or Druids that are stealthed with Prowl Icon Prowl.

You will also gain Diplomacy Icon Diplomacy, which helps with reputation grinds by increasing your reputation gain substantially. The Human Spirit Icon The Human Spirit grants you increased Spirit, which does not increase your damage directly, but instead increases your Health regeneration rate, which will help improve the leveling experience by decreasing the amount of time you have to wait in between pulling mobs. Lastly, you will get the Racial passive Mace Specialization Icon Mace Specialization, which does not benefit Rogues, since you will be using either Swords or Daggers.



Dwarf is not as strong of a choice for Rogue as Human is for PvE content. For PvP, Dwarf has access to Stoneform Icon Stoneform, which removes all Poison, Bleed, and Disease effects, while also increasing your armor for the duration. This is incredibly powerful, letting you remove Rend Icon Rend from a Warrior, a poison effect from another Rogue, such as Crippling Poison Icon Crippling Poison, or removing other DoT effects in order to safely Stealth with Vanish Icon Vanish without it getting broken shortly after.

You will also gain the other Racials Find Treasure Icon Find Treasure, Frost Resistance Icon Frost Resistance (which will be useful in Naxxramas in later phases), and Gun Specialization Icon Gun Specialization.


Night Elf

Night Elves have the Racial cooldown Shadowmeld Icon Shadowmeld, which passively increases your Stealth level. This does not make Night Elves better than the other available Alliance classes.

Nature Resistance Icon Nature Resistance is a slight Nature Resistance buff, which is great for the Night Elf starting areas, since there are a lot of Nature magic-based creatures. Wisp Spirit Icon Wisp Spirit allows for faster leveling, since it is very easy to die as a Rogue when you accidently pull too much, due to Rogue's lack of self-healing. Quickness Icon Quickness is a slight Dodge chance increase.



Gnome is the best choice for Alliance PvP, due to their Racial Ability Escape Artist Icon Escape Artist, which helps you get out of any movement impairing effects, such as Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots or Engineering Net Traps. Rogues also will usually have access to the talent Improved Sprint Icon Improved Sprint, which means, as a Gnome, you can run something other than that talent for something that adds more DPS. When it comes to PvE, Gnomes are not nearly as strong of a choice as Humans. Gnomes also have access to Arcane Resistance Icon Arcane Resistance, Expansive Mind Icon Expansive Mind, and Engineering Specialization Icon Engineering Specialization. Engineering Specialization will allow you to use higher tier Engineering bombs and other items than your level bracket will allow.



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