Best Horde Races for DPS Rogues

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On this page, you will find rankings of Horde races for DPS Rogues (for both PvE and PvP content), as well as detailed explanations of what each Horde race brings for DPS Rogues.


Horde Race Rankings for PvE

  1. Orc
  2. Troll
  3. Undead

If you are interested in PvE content, please refer to our dedicated Rogue guide.


Horde Race Rankings for PvP

  1. Orc
  2. Undead
  3. Troll

If you are interested in PvP content, please refer to our dedicated Rogue guide.



Orcs have access to the Racial passive Hardiness Icon Hardiness, which is unbelievably powerful in PvP, meaning Orcs have a 30% total chance to resist stun effects. This is very strong in mirror matchups against other Rogues, since you will have an increased chance to resist Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot, as well as Engineering bombs. Orcs also have the cooldown Blood Fury Icon Blood Fury, which is an extremely powerful cooldown and one of the best Racials for PvE in general. When using this Racial in PvP, make sure to be mindful of the reduction in your healing effects, which lasts 10 seconds longer than the Attack Power buff. You also get the Racials Command Icon Command and Axe Specialization Icon Axe Specialization, which do not affect Rogues.



Undead is another very strong choice for PvP, due to the Racial cooldown Will of the Forsaken Icon Will of the Forsaken, which can not only be used to get out of these status effects, but also to provide an immunity to them. This is not a useful cooldown for PvE.

Undead also have access to Shadow Resistance Icon Shadow Resistance, which is useful against Warlocks, Underwater Breathing Icon Underwater Breathing, and Cannibalize Icon Cannibalize.



Trolls have access to the Racial cooldown Berserking Icon Berserking, which has a niche of being most effective at low health. Getting the full 30% requires you to be fairly low health, which is not something you actively want to do.

Trolls also have Regeneration Icon Regeneration (which is fantastic for leveling, as you will have to wait less time in between pulling mobs), Bow Specialization Icon Bow Specialization, Throwing Specialization Icon Throwing Specialization, and Beast Slaying Icon Beast Slaying, which do not have much impact on Rogue.



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