Rogue Poisons

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Poisons are an integral part of Rogues' playstyle in WoW Classic, so we wrote this short guide to tell you how to get them and how they should be used.


How do Poisons Work and Where to Get Them?

Poisons are incredibly powerful and one of the biggest class-specific things Rogue has available. You will get access to poisons at Level 20, after you complete the quest Mathias and the Defias (for Alliance) or Mission: Possible But Not Probable (for Horde). This quest will also give you access to the consumable recipe Recipe: Thistle Tea Icon Recipe: Thistle Tea. Poison has its own skill rating that starts at Level 100 and increases by 5 for each level, up to a maximum of 300. You can purchase all the reagents for poisons from the Poison Supplies vendor in any capital city, normally near the Rogue trainer. For more information about Rogue quests, please refer to our dedicated guide.


List of Poisons

  • Instant Poison Icon Instant Poison is the main raiding and PvE poison. As Alliance, you will use this on both your weapons, and as Horde, you will only use it on your Off-Hand to benefit from Windfury Totem Icon Windfury Totem, granted by Shamans.
  • Deadly Poison Icon Deadly Poison provides more DPS than Instant Poison, but takes up a debuff slot, meaning you need to coordinate this with your Raid leader.
  • Wound Poison Icon Wound Poison is very effective when you are dealing with a Healer.
  • Mind-numbing Poison Icon Mind-numbing Poison is a fantastic poison for combat against Mages, Warlocks, and Priests.
  • Crippling Poison Icon Crippling Poison should be on both your Main Hand and Off-Hand, which will help you slow your target, thereby preventing an escape.

Horde groups have access to Shamans, giving you access to Windfury Totem Icon Windfury Totem, which is very strong for Rogues. In order to work with Windfury Totem, you do not want to use Instant Poison IV on your Main-hand.


How to Best Use Poisons?

To better understand how to play with Poisons in PvE and PvP, please read our Rogue guides.



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