Unending Magnificent - Weapon

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Unending Magnificent is a legendary pistol that has increased fire rate and magazine size at the expense of a high reload time. In this page, you will find more information about what this weapon does, where you can find it, and what stats it can roll.


Stats and Model


Unique Weapon Effect

Yedesh na den', khleba beri na nedelyu.—The gun comes with a very high fire rate and magazine size, with the draw back of a high reload time.


Drop Location

This Vladof pistol is a World Drop that drop from anywhere in the game.


How to use the Gun

The gun can, and should, be fired for a long period of time at a target. While shooting, the gun will with to pull upward with each bullet, so try to gradually aim downward while shooting to compensate for this. Due to the high magazine size and reload time of the gun, think very carefully about when you should reload as doing so will leave you vulnerable for a significant time.


List of Secondary Stats

Stat Possible Rolls Additional Notes
Elemental Damage Normal, Fire, Shock, Corrosive
Weapon Fire Rate 15%


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