Night Hawkin - Weapon

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Night Hawkin is a legendary SMG that changes its attributes based on the day and night cycle in the game. In this page, you will find more information about what this weapon does, where you can find it, and what stats it can roll.


Night Hawkin


Unique Weapon Effect

Stranger than things.—The gun will deal Cryo damage during the day and Incendiary damage at night, based on the current day-night cycle of the game area you are in. The gun will additionally fire a different number of projectiles per shot based on the time of day.


Drop Location

This Dahl SMG is a World Drop that can drop from anywhere in the game.


How to use the Gun

The gun has the potential to have a high damage output but requires keeping track of the current day-night cycle. While it is night, when the gun will deal Incendiary damage, dealing great damage to to flesh enemies (red health bars), but will deal very little damage to the same enemies during the day. Conversely the gun will be strong against Armored enemies (yellow health bar) during the day while the gun deals Cryo damage. You should therefore try to stay alert and switch to the gun when it is favourable to use and from it when it is not.


List of Secondary Stats

Stat Possible Rolls Additional Notes
Elemental Damage Incendiary, Cryo
% Reload Speed
% Critical Hit Damage
% Weapon Fire Rate
% Weapon Accuracy Can only roll a negative bonus.


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