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Saviors of Uldum Day 3: the Best Decks So Far

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Reno Mage, Murloc Paladin and Tempo Warrior are just some of the decks seeing success early on in the new expansion.


Saviors of Uldum arrived with a bang on Tuesday. It's going to take a while for the dust to settle - it's shaken up the metagame more than any expansion since Kobolds and Catacombs in 2017, and possibly even more than that. With so many powerful new cards introduced, pro and casual deck builders alike are having a field day figuring out how to break the game with pretty much every single class.

We'll continue to curate decks from pros and streamers on our decks page, but with the sheer volume the community is putting out it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. Here are some highlights that have performed particularly well over the last couple of days.



Charon's Rank 5 Legend Malygos Quest Druid

Untapped Potential is definitely looking to be one of the stronger Quest cards from Saviors of Uldum, but there are a variety of different approaches to the deck going around and nothing has really been settled on yet. One player who has seen success with it has been Charon, who took this Malygos version to Rank 5 Legend. The big blue dragon gives the deck a much-needed finisher for control matchups, while the powerful Choose One spells should be more than enough to turn the corner against more aggressive decks.



Sonagi's Rank 6 Legend Secret Hunter

Secret Hunter has been one of the early front-runners in the new metagame. The star addition is Hyena Alpha, a great big pile of stats that can come down on Turn 4. The other major addition is Hunter's Pack, a powerful reload tool that gives you a lot of value at a reasonable cost. Pressure Plate rounds out the inclusions from Saviors of Uldum. Its activation condition means opponents have one extra pitfall to fall into when navigating Hunter Secrets, which makes all of them a little stronger through threat alone.

Rdu's Highlander Hunter

Another Hunter archetype beginning to make waves is Highlander Hunter, built around Dinotamer Brann and Zephrys the Great. Most lists take the form of a Secret Hunter-style deck, with a small package of Secrets supported by Subject 9Secretkeeper and other synergy cards. Rdu's list is fairly typical, and notably includes a couple of the huge Beast threats Hunter received in Uldum: Scarlet Webweaver and Wild Bloodstinger.



HotMEOWTH's Top 10 Legend Reno Mage

Reno Mage has been something of a breakout deck on day 3 of Saviors of Uldum, with multiple pros and streamers seeing great results with it. The deck is doing broadly similar things to other popular Mage archetypes (Mountain GiantConjurer's Calling!), it's just not doing any of them twice. The sacrifice in consistency has turned out to be well worth it - both Reno the Relicologist and Zephrys the Great are monsters of cards. HotMEOWTH's take on the archetype is a good example of what sort of thing to expect. It's also deliciously greedy, with a huge top end including King Phaoris and Hex Lord Malacrass.

IslandCat's Rank 1 Legend Big Spell Mage

The other new Mage archetype showing some promise is Big Spell Mage, built around Naga Sand Witch's ability to cheat silly amounts of Mana. Some have affectionately termed this archetype "Yogg Mage", thanks to the shenanigans that ensue on a regular basis via Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron. Whatever you call it, it's a deck many have been posting good results with, and well worth a try. Check out Kat's full guide for tips on how to play the archetype.



Kripp's Murloc Paladin

It was only a matter of time before the amphibious menaces returned to Paladin. The culprit this time is Tip the Scales, a decent spell at 8 Mana but an absurd one when discounted to the cost of an average Murloc with Prismatic Lens. This lets you generate an unanswerable board state on turn 5 (or 4 with the coin), but that's not all. Since it takes the Murlocs out of your deck (rather than creating new copies), Tip the Scales is a great deck-thinning tool, allowing you to find your second copy of it (and other non-murloc cards) with remarkable consistency. It also gets you into a position to play Chef Nomi once both copies have been played, which will surely finish off anybody who managed to deal with the first two waves of Murlocs. Kat has a full guide to help you get the most out of it.

Chunchunner's Rank 12 Legend Spell Paladin

I'll be honest with you: I have no idea how Chunchunner achieved this rank with this deck. Nonetheless! He did, and it's really something special. It's another deck built around Prismatic Lens, but this time it's a big minion rather than a spell that we're looking to tutor, and there's only one copy: King Phaoris. Since the deck is just the King, two Truesilver Champions, and 27 (often expensive) spells, he'll pretty much always build a game-ending board on turn 5. Combine him with Rebuke to dodge pesky AoE spells like Brawl. It reminds us a bit of the Barnes/Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Spell Hunter decks of metagames past. Again, check out Kat's full guide for some tips on how to play it.



Stealer's Rank 1 Legend Quest Combo Priest

Combo Priests of various kinds have received two massive buffs in the forms of High Priest Amet and Psychopomp. These cards allow you to create some incredibly difficult boards to remove, meaning you can buff minions and hit face to your heart's content. Stealer's Rank 1 Legend list runs Activate the Obelisk, giving it some extra lategame punch, but it's by no means mandatory and several players have had similarly good runs without it.

Takas's Top 10 Legend Combo Priest

One such player is Takas. His top 10 Legend list omits the Quest and includes a small Deathrattle package of Serpent Egg and Wretched Reclaimer instead, a powerful curve when you hit it.



Rdu's Quest Rogue

Another from G2's Hearthstone Grandmaster, Rdu's Quest Rogue is a solid take on an archetype many were backing to be a good performer in Saviors of Uldum. It includes two copies of Pilfer, an underwhelming card but a necessary tax if you want to complete Bazaar Burglary consistently. It also runs a single copy of Blade Flurry, a card which isn't what it once was but still comes back from the dead occasionally in decks like Quest Rogue and Kingsbane Rogue.

Thijs's Highlander Quest Rogue

Rogue may seem like an odd choice for a Highlander deck at first - it didn't get a class-specific payoff like Druid, Hunter, Mage and Paladin did - but it makes sense when you consider cards like Shadowstep and Spirit of the Shark which allow you to repeat the Battlecry of Zephrys the Great. Thijs's take on the archetype includes Bazaar Burglary, which is harder to complete in a Highlander deck but still doable thanks to Zephrys and the addition of Pick Pocket.



BoarControl's Rank 1 Legend Token Shaman

There was a lot of talk about Corrupt the Waters going into Saviors of Uldum, but it's a leaner, simpler Shaman deck that hit Rank 1 Legend first. BoarControl's Token Shaman deck is effectively a re-imagined Aggro Shaman, dropping the Doomhammer-based burn strategy in favour of wide boards of tokens buffed with Bloodlust. Shaman's new Uldum Legendary Vessina is a potent card in this deck, making your tokens threatening at any stage of the game and turning tools like Voltaic Burst and Thunderhead into extremely efficient removal.

Youhit's Top 10 Legend Quest Shaman

The above is not to say the Quest Shaman is bad. Far from it; Youhit reached top 10 Legend with this version, a fairly standard midrange take on the archetype. Weaponized Wasp has proven to be just as strong as many players anticipated, and the Lackey package is a perfect fit in Quest shaman thanks to the double Battlecry aspects of EVIL Cable Rat and Sludge Slurper. Quest Shaman is still very much an unsolved archetype, with players experimenting with everything from AoE-heavy control versions to all-out aggro.



Risai's Top 10 Legend Zoo Warlock

Zoo, Zoo, Zoo. That's pretty much all Warlock seems to have going for it so far this expansion, but it's not a bad claim to fame. In fact, Zoo got given so many tools in Saviors of Uldum that it's practically impossible to fit everything in; include the entire Diseased Vulture self-damage package and the entire EVIL Recruiter Lackey package, and you won't have any slots left to add enough 1-drops for Magic Carpet. So something's got to give. Risai's take just about squeezes it all in, but has to cut Sea Giant to do it. Other players like Pizza chose to forego the full Lackey kit, while Zeh left out the Vulture. Whichever way you build it, Zoo is a solid choice for laddering in the early Uldum metagame. Check out Kat's full guide for tips on how to play it.



NaviOOT's Rank 3 Legend Control Warrior

Navi shared this deck with the words "yeah i'm that guy". That guy playing Control Warrior on day 1 of a new expansion, crushing the unrefined home-brews of starry-eyed deck builders. Still, if it works, it works, and Navi's list worked well enough to bring him to an impressive Rank 3 Legend. Armagedillo and Tomb Warden have proven to be great new additions to the deck, giving it some powerful proactive plays. Frightened Flunky and Restless Mummy also make their way into the list, rounding out the improvements to what was already an extremely competitive deck in Rise of Shadows. Kat's full guide should prime you well for some armouring up.

Ramses' Top 10 Legend Tempo Warrior

By and large, people are fairly sick of getting ground out of games by Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. Fortunately, there's a new avenue for Warrior to explore in Saviors of Uldum: bashing your face in with Leeroy Jenkins. This is largely thanks to Bloodsworn Mercenary, an extremely powerful tempo card that rewards decks that play for board. Ramses' take on Tempo Warrior is characterised by breakneck aggression and reminds us of good old-fashioned Pirate Warrior. Livewire Lance is a fine addition to Tempo Warrior decks, while the unassuming 2-Drop Temple Berserker makes the cut thanks to its natural synergy with Bloodsworn Mercenary and our various ping effects. As ever, Kat has an excellent full guide to help you get the most out of the archetype.


That's it for our first recap article! The pace of meta developments in Saviors of Uldum is so fast that this post will be out of date practically as soon as it's published, but there's plenty in here to get your teeth into if you're looking to climb the ladder.

Be sure to let us know if you find success with any of these decks. And keep one eye on our deck listings - we have a shiny new widget on the Hearthstone homepage that will let you know what the best decks are at a glance!

Until next time, happy laddering.

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