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Thijs' Highlander Quest Rogue Deck - Uldum August 2019

Last updated on Aug 08, 2019 at 19:04 by Lemon 1 comment

This deck was played on-stream by Thijs on day 3 of the Saviors of Uldum expansion in August.

Card List

Rogue Cards
0 Backstab Basic 1
0 Preparation Classic 1
0 Shadowstep Classic 1
1 Pilfer Classic 1
2 Eviscerate Classic 1
2 Sap Basic 1
3 Edwin VanCleef Classic 1
3 EVIL Miscreant RoS 1
3 Fan of Knives Basic 1
3 SI:7 Agent Classic 1
4 Vendetta RoS 1

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Comments from Lemon

This deck takes advantage of Zephrys the Great by repeating its Battlecry with cards like Spirit of the Shark and Shadowstep. It also includes the Rogue Quest, Bazaar Burglary, for extra lategame power.