Aggro Shaman Deck List Guide - Ashes of Outland April 2020

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Aggro Shaman in The Rise of Shadows expansion.

Aggro Shaman is an ultra-aggressive archetype with a lot of burn damage at its disposal. It uses early-game minions to quickly secure the board before transitioning to a full-face strategy using burn spell and the all-powerful Doomhammer.

Card List

Shaman Cards
1 Earth Shock Classic 2
1 Lightning Bolt Classic 2
1 Sludge Slurper RoS 2
1 Storm's Wrath DoD 2
1 Surging Tempest DoD 2
2 Rockbiter Weapon Basic 2
3 Feral Spirit Classic 2
3 Lady Vashj AO 1
3 Lava Burst Classic 2
3 Marshspawn AO 2
3 Unbound Elemental Classic 2
5 Doomhammer Classic 2
Neutral Cards No neutral card

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Aggro Shaman Mulligan Guide

Aggro Shaman is an aggressive deck with a very low minion count — as such, it is important to find those minions in your opening hand.

Aggro Shaman Strategy

The gameplan of Aggro Shaman is to push damage with powerful early-game minions while protecting them with removal spells. While cards like Unbound Elemental can be held in hand and played on the same turn as Overload cards to guarantee that its effect activates, it is often better just to play it on curve so that they can start attacking as early as possible. This is especially true of Underbelly Angler — since the deck runs so few other Murlocs, the card is almost always best played on turn 2 in order to force out a removal card from the opponent.

Going into the mid game, it is important and sometimes difficult to identify when to stop controlling the board and begin directing damage at the face to set up two- or three-turn lethals. When making these decisions, Doomhammer becomes a very large factor due to its ability to consistently deal damage across multiple turns.

Against Aggro, you will usually be trying to control the board for most of the game. You will be aming to use an excessive number of spells on enemy minions in order to keep the board under control. Because most Aggro decks struggle to regain control of the board once they have lost it, it is often best to use Doomhammer and Likkim to control the board while pushing chip damage with your minions instead of immediately directing everything at face.

Against Control, it is important to maximize the amount of damage you deal above all else. The best way to do this is through repetitive chip damage with minions, so look out for opportunities to stick an Unbound Elemental or Underbelly Angler to the board. It is also generally important to play Doomhammer on turn 5. Consider planning for this in advance by playing your Overload cards on turn 3 if possible so that you are not forced to use them on turn 4 and prevent Doomhammer from being played next turn. Forward-planning like this is key to success with this deck and with overload-heavy Shaman decks in general.

Aggro Shaman Card Swaps


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