Pizza's Legend Zoo Warlock Deck - Uldum August 2019

Last updated on Aug 07, 2019 at 13:05 by Lemon 1 comment

This deck was played to Legend on Saviors of Uldum day 1 by Pizza.

Card List

Warlock Cards
1 Flame Imp Classic 2
1 Voidwalker Basic 2
2 EVIL Genius RoS 2
Neutral Cards
1 Abusive Sergeant Classic 2
2 Knife Juggler Classic 2
3 Magic Carpet RoS 2
4 Defender of Argus Classic 2
10 Sea Giant Classic 2

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Comments from Lemon

This deck includes three new additions from Saviors of Uldum: a new egg, Serpent Egg, and a small self-damage package of Neferset Thrasher and Diseased Vulture.