Sonagi Rank 6 Legend Secret Hunter Deck - Uldum August 2019

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This deck was played to Rank 6 Legend by Sonagi on day 2 of the Saviors of Uldum expansion in August.

Card List

Hunter Cards
2 Explosive Trap Classic 1
2 Freezing Trap Classic 1
2 Rat Trap WW 1
2 Snake Trap Classic 2
2 Snipe Classic 1
3 Animal Companion Basic 2
3 Deadly Shot Classic 2
3 Eaglehorn Bow Classic 2
3 Kill Command Basic 2
10 Zul'jin RR 1
Neutral Cards
1 Secretkeeper Classic 2
2 Sunreaver Spy RoS 2

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Comments from Lemon

This deck makes use of three new additions in Saviors of Uldum. Hyena Alpha is the most powerful addition to Secret Hunter in the new expansion, capable of putting out 7/7 in stats for 4 Mana if a Secret is in play. Pressure Plate is a new Secret, which is especially effective against decks that rely on a few large minions. Hunter's Pack comes in as a way of refilling the hand, generating fairly good cards on average and being repeatable with Zul'jin.