Spell Paladin Deck List Guide - Saviors of Uldum September 2019

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Spell Paladin in Saviors of Uldum expansion.

Spell Paladin is a unique deck that runs a single minion, King Phaoris. When played, it is able to take advantage of all of the spells in the deck to create huge board stats from nothing in a single attempt to win the game.

Card List

Paladin Cards
1 Blessing of Wisdom Classic 2
1 Noble Sacrifice Classic 1
2 Rebuke WW 2
4 Consecration Basic 2
4 Hammer of Wrath Basic 2
6 Avenging Wrath Classic 2
8 Lay on Hands Classic 2
Neutral Cards

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Spell Paladin Mulligan Guide

Spell Paladin is a combo deck build entirely around a single combo to win the game. You should use your mulligan to position yourself to pull off the deck's combo as quickly as possible.

*If you do not have Prismatic Lens in your opening hand, you throw away your entire hand to look for it and disregard any other mulligan priorities.

Spell Paladin Strategy

The aim of Spell Paladin is very specific, to play King Phaoris as soon as possible to flood the board and overwhelm opponents. While this may seem like a tall order, it is the only minion in the deck, allowing it to be consistently drawn using Prismatic Lens, and at a discounted cost.

Until you are able to play King Phaoris, you should take a controlling approach and use your spells and weapons to control the board and slow the game long enough for you to make your attack. While doing so, you should also try to make use of the card draw effects of Hammer of Wrath and Flash of Light to speed accelerate your strategy. However, you should try to hold on to copies of Never Surrender! and Rebuke for when you have King Phaoris in play.

When you are in a position to play King Phaoris, you set up to use it straight away. If the card has been heavily discounted by Prismatic Lens, then you should aim to pair it with Never Surrender! and Rebuke. As this aggression is the deck's sole win condition, these additional spells will prevent your opponent from using board clears like Brawl or Flamestrike that would immediately clear your board. Once your minions are in play, you should start to attack your opponent directly to win the game before they are able to stabilise by clearing your board.

Against Aggro, playing King Phaoris as soon as possible should be your highest priority. The lack of board clears in Aggro decks means you should be able to comfortably win the game, as long as they do not kill you first.

Against Control, you should do everything you can to maximise the value of King Phaoris. Firstly, as only 6 minions will be summoned based on the spells in your hand, you should try to use up any excess cheap spells first to maximise the strength of the minions summoned. Secondly, as board clears are very likely, it can be worth holding off a turn if it will allow you to use Rebuke or Never Surrender! to protect yourself from board clears commonly used by your opponent's class.

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